Food business of this woman in Thane helped her earn 25 lakhs in eight months

Lalita Patil

A homemaker can do wonders, and Lalita Patil, 35 years old, a mother of a 13 year old is proof of the same. Born and brought up in Thane, Lalita majored in Physics and married at an early age of 20. However, her dream of being financially independent never died.

Thus, she started taking tuition classes and later joined a full-time job. However, she did quit that and decided to become her own boss. This is what led to the beginning of her food venture ‘Gharachi Aathvan’ means remembering home.

Mumbai, the city of dreams has people coming from all across the country to earn their livelihood, to achieve their dreams. For these people, getting homemade food is a rare thing. In an era where people find it is difficult to take time out of their busy schedules for their family, Lalita does this job filling stomachs of these people who yearn for homemade food at an affordable & reasonable price.

She started her small tiffin service in Thane in 2016 and continued for over a year, however, her work was not respected as other working women. She then decided to work, however, there was another obstacle at hand outside home, Zero capital. With nothing in hand, it was impossible to start something that she dreamt of.

One day, Lalita came across ‘Britannia Marie Gold My start-up’ contest which was launched in 2019. They helped women complete financial support to fulfill their start up dreams. Ten winners would be gifted 10 lakhs each, she contested and won in 2019. She already had planned an effective use of the capital. She did have a food license from her tiffin service days.

Then, she had both, capital and license, all she needed was a physical set up for her restaurant that too within her budget. It took three months of patience, hard work and effort to get her business up and running.

Keeping away some amount as a reserve for the unforeseen contingencies, she tried to do everything in six lakhs. The reserve has been of great help during this lockdown she says. Lalita clocks monthly revenue of 3 to 3.5 lakh and has gained 25 lakhs in the past 8 months including the lockdown period. Her services had come to halt during the lockdown but now she has resumed her services and has been serving all those people who are serving and protecting us during this pandemic.

She and her husband at times go to deliver and at times, people come for take away. She also has given spoons and bowls as it will be difficult for them to search for utensils now, and they can return it once the lockdown is over.

Lalita had eight people working for her before the lockdown but now she is working just with her husband helping her here and there. Even in this difficult time, she is paying her employees. She wishes to be a synonym for good food.

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