Fundraising 101: Checklist for Entrepreneurs

It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of raising funds for your business ventures. There’s so much to learn and process in a short space of time.

But don’t worry.

When raising funds for your entrepreneurial ventures, just follow this easy checklist to ensure you never forget the important steps again.

  • Do your homework.

Learn about the people you want around your business – those you want as business associates, those that can help you in your field and those businesses that rival yours. What can you do that will draw them to your business and you as an entrepreneur before others? Can you size up your competition early on and get ahead of the game?

  • Write your proposals for pitching to investors.

Once you have done your research and you know which people are available to invest in you and your business, you should write your pitch to target them specifically. Know your audience and how to handle them.

  • Build relationships.

Potential investors should know that the business you propose to carry out is a winner – but also that the person carrying it out with their investment money is willing and fully able to do what is necessary to build the business.

  • Reap the benefits.

Now that you’ve done all the grafting, it’s time to actually bring in your hard earned funds from your fundraising!

Whether you’re raising your funds from family and friends, big business investors or even crowd funding, you never have to miss a step again.