Everything that you should know about aged care courses in Sydney

aged care courses in Sydney

According to a recent census, 65 years and over make up 5.7% of the Sydney population. 80% of Harbour City deaths occur in this age group, with dementia the second leading cause. The need for and interactions with aged care services for older people increases as they approach end-of-life.

Working in the aged care industry can be challenging; you will have to deal with the complex, unique medical and emotional needs of the elderly. But by enrolling in the right aged care courses in Sydney, you can turn your compassion into traits that will help you excel in your career. Here’s what you should know about these professional courses to identify and pursue the right employment opportunity in the aged care field:

Why Study Aged Care?

Hunters Hill and Mosman’s local government area have the most significant ageing with Aged Dependency Ratios of 0.36 and 0.3, respectively. Aged care involves a lot of hard work, from cleaning bedpans to feeding people to do all they can’t do independently. Getting qualified in aged care courses is the first step you can take to make a prolific contribution to older residents in Sydney.

With most aging population clusters in northern parts of Sydney, a certification can help you manage seniors’ health and well-being if you happen to reside in such neighbourhoods.

Types of Aged Care Courses

Reputed institutions in Sydney offer courses that cover a wide range of complex activities, which will make you an expert in handling the elderly with compassion. You can pursue Certificate III in individual support or Certificate IV in Aging Support, some of the popular aged care courses in Sydney.

Moreover, these courses are accredited by authorities, such as Nationally Recognised Training.

Course Offerings

In Sydney, you can take up studies covering majors like aging, home and community care, maximising your skills and employment opportunities. On the other hand, you have courses if you wish to further your knowledge within the aged care industry.

Amid the pandemic, 60% of old residents have to live in aged care homes with an unacceptable staffing level. Gaining comprehensive knowledge with prolific aged care courses can help you make a difference in this field, filling up the positions at various levels.

Career Opportunities

Sydney has over 350 nursing homes, with a minimum of 60 beds and sophisticated amenities for the aged Sydneysiders. The approved aged care courses prepare you to work at such facilities as an assistant in nursing. The other employment opportunities possible include aged care, respite and community care worker. You can also work in a supervisory role in Sydney facilities and take on more specialised tasks, such as administering medication.


Renowned training experts in Sydney offer Cert III courses at $1450 if the first qualification. The Cert IV courses will cost you a bit higher, at $1990 and $2320 if first and second qualification respectively. Some institutes offer course credit and subsidised training, provided you are eligible for concessions.

At the peak of the pandemic outbreak in NSW, over 25 residents and ten staff got infected at a renowned aged care facility in Western Sydney. It is the best time to pursue well-updated aged care courses. With the right qualification, you could earn $41K to $61K per annum and show your benevolence and competence in taking care of the elderly Sydneysiders in these testing times.

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