5 shortcomings in your personality which can help you become a great entrepreneur

become a great entrepreneur

There is no shame in being a misfit in the corporate culture or the race to earn more money. Often, these traits which are perceived negatively are what helps you become a successful entrepreneur. All you need is to channel these shortcomings in the right manner.

Listen below are 5 such personality flaws which can help you become a great entrepreneur:

I. Obsessive

If you are the kind who cannot get a peaceful sleep at night without completing what is expected of you, entrepreneurship might be the right field for you. The constant obsession to achieve your goals and targets on time is something which could prove to be your asset when you are nearly burning out.

II. Cannot fit into the 9-5 culture

Chances are that your impatient self doesn’t understand the concept of a 9-5 culture merely because you aren’t good at conforming to regulations. In all probability, you don’t shy away from working but prefer doing things according to the deadlines you set for yourself. This is a huge reason why brilliant but chaotic minds choose to take up entrepreneurship because it comes with the choice of embracing freedom.

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III. Social butterfly

Your social skills and the ability to skirt around different circles might not be very appreciated in a corporate setting. However, with a little brushing up, you can network with more people. since, you already are an extrovert, it wouldn’t take much time for you to talk your way into important circles which could prove to be very beneficial for your business.

IV. Issues with authority

Most successful entrepreneurs claim that they had an issue with authority and lesser mortals bossing over them which is why they chose to start their own venture. The rebellious streak is what makes you more of an entrepreneur than a worker bee. Nobody who didn’t break rules ever became a raging success.

V. Extremely confident

You don’t have to be over-confident to make people see the best in you but once you’re sure enough about your ideas, your dedication shouldn’t falter. You are probably confident because you know your stuff thoroughly and want people to view things through your lens. There’s nothing wrong with this and your decisiveness could be the sole virtues which makes you a great leader.

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