Personality types of an entrepreneur

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You might think that the primary job of an entrepreneur is to come up with an idea and work upon it which is true; however, there are different types of personalities an entrepreneur can be classified under.

Here are a few personality types of entrepreneurs:

i. The improver

This type of entrepreneur runs a business with the sole purpose of improving the quality and the profits of the business. At the same time, the entrepreneur also maintains a high standard of ethics and morals related to business.

For instance, Ratan Tata falls under this category as he tries to make the business bigger whilst adhering to a strict code of morals laid down by the Tatas for years.

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ii. The superstar

The business or the company revolves around the charisma and the display of high energy and willingness of the entrepreneur.

Elon Musk is a perfect example of a superstar entrepreneur because he is charismatic and shows a high level of energy which the customers are attracted towards more than the company.

iii. The fireball

This term is self-explanatory as the entrepreneur can be equated to a fireball as s/he is full of energy, life and optimism in order to achieve their goals and never stops innovating.

Bill Gates can be classified under this category as he is a fireball who stops at nothing and is constantly working to improve the nature of his company and the environment around.

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iv. The visionary

The entrepreneur is a great visionary and has a great sense of understanding about what will work in the future.
Mark Zuckerberg is a wonderful visionary as with the idea of Facebook, he was able to change the future of how people communicated and connected via social media.

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