5 productive activities for entrepreneurs to boost their professionalism

how entrepreneurs can boost their professionalism

As an entrepreneur, it is always important to maintain a professional image which will help you gain trust and admiration of clients and Venture Capitalists. To maintain a great image, apart from being great at your job, there are certain activities you can engage in which might increase your professional productivity as well.

i. Volunteering work

If you have free time on your hands, why not put it to good use by volunteering at an organisation of your choice like a NGO, orphanage, old-age home or an animal centre? Doing community work is a very good way to build connections and learn new skills while helping others. When people read “non-profit work” on your resume, they will be impressed by all the good work you do.

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ii. Don’t stop reading

Reading is the easiest and most conventional way to expand your knowledge about almost everything. It makes you a smarter and more knowledgeable person to look up to. If reading books is not your thing, you could start by reading online articles and the newspaper headlines as long as you are getting nuggets of information from somewhere.

iii. Work on building an online portfolio

Building an online portfolio or a personal website helps you brand yourself as the world moves towards digitalisation. A website also helps in promoting your professional brand. It is necessary that you do it yourself because nobody can explain your professional aspirations better. This website will be of great help to VCs looking to invest in your company and people looking for a job.

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iv. Invest in a hobby

If you stopped doing something you absolutely loved, it is time to start again. If you do not have a hobby yet, don’t worry, because it’s never too late to find one. Learning new things will add to your skills and might help in contributing greatly to your career as well.

v. Network

Networking should never come to an end as it is crucial for an entrepreneur to build as many contacts and connections as s/he can. It is a relatively easy task as all you need to do is strike conversations with everyone you meet- in a queue, at a club or at the gym. Be a good listener and build connections as you never know how important that person might turn out to be for your career.

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