3 Productivity hacks for entrepreneurs

The life of an entrepreneur is dynamic and there are moments when he needs to keep pushing with no strategic focus in mind. Amidst marketing strategies, emails, conferences, meetings, a lot is lost. However productivity cannot be one of the factors that an entrepreneur compromises upon. An entrepreneur needs to be constantly working upon methods to make the limited time that he devotes to his venture, productive.

Here are certain things that an entrepreneur must to do to boost his productivity:

1. Customise a task list and learn to prioritize

It is very important for an entrepreneur to set a goal at the beginning of the day. Along with that, he must add the things he needs to do in a day ranked according to their importance. An entrepreneur must be very clear and focused about the things he needs to do in a day which will ensure the productivity for the day. Prioritizing also comes with certain benefits as an entrepreneur through his priority list knows all the tasks he has accomplished and gets a fair idea of the remaining tasks as well.
To prioritize the list, an entrepreneur should always give highest weightage to the task that will impact him and his business the most. The less important tasks on the list can be delegated to the other employees. In this way, maximum productivity is ensured and an entrepreneur can proceed to enjoy his life to the fullest.

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2. Learn to focus on the important things

A key quality shared by the world’s top entrepreneurs is focus. At all times, an entrepreneur needs to focus on things are absolutely essential and that cannot be compromised on. Focus can only be achieved when one’s mind is clear and working free of any kind of distractions. As soon as one starts to procrastinate, the productivity for the day is hampered severely.

Most entrepreneurs do not address personal issues at work which is why they’re able to be more productive and effective in the office. Trying to concentrate on too many things at once hampers productivity in a massive way. Hence, entrepreneurs must try and focus only on business during work hours.

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3. The ability to prepare boosts productivity

Entrepreneurs need to decipher business like a strategic game of chess and execute the plan one step further in their head. He must also be capable of weighing the outcome or the risk of a decision and have a backup plan.
If one fails to devise a plan in his head or worse, execute it, it can lead to a lot of shortcomings and the failure of a whole business plan. Maximise productivity through result-driven actions and this can be achieved through the first point: prioritize. Also, preparation boosts confidence which is a very good boost for the company.
For instance, when people were busy making profiles on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was devising ways to make Facebook a model to earn revenue through ads.

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