5 Lessons entrepreneurs could learn from Game of Thrones

Game of thrones, based on Song of Ice and Fire written by George Martin, has emerged as the most popular on-going TV series. The show is based on a number of people fighting for the Iron throne which determines the ruler of seven kingdoms. The show has gained popularity for being one of the most manipulative, violent and thrilling ones.

The series also has a number of lessons which could prove to be useful to entrepreneurs. Some of them are:

1. Don’t underestimate yourself

Jon Snow is the perfect example of why you should never underestimate yourself. The bastard son of Ed Stark who was often taunted by Ygritte, “You know nothing, Jon Snow” rose to fame and power only because he believed in himself. He became the Lord Commander of the Night’s watch and through his bravery and clever thinking won over tough groups like the Free Folk. Also, because of his quick thinking and belief in himself, he is a strong contender to the iron throne.

This shows that when required one can use his skills to the fullest and mustn’t underestimate oneself ever.

2. Knowledge is crucial

In the series, Lord Varys or Tyrion Lannister wouldn’t be powerful without their network of spies and crucial information about their enemies. In your job, you could aspire to gather information about the industry and use little secrets of the market to your benefit. Once, you understand the requisites of the market, you will be able to identify and fulfil demands of the customers better.

3. Keep innovating

In the fifth season, the mother of dragons, Daenereys Targareon very rightly said that she wouldn’t break the wheel intending to Tyrion that she wouldn’t stop at what had already achieved. This is the kind of attitude even an entrepreneur should move forward with as there’ll be many people who will keep telling him that a lot of things aren’t possible. His main focus should lie of changing the challenges into opportunities.

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4. Do not trust people easily

Catelyn had warned Neddard Stark repeatedly against Theon Greyjoy and if he cared to pay little heed to his wife’s warning and not trusted Theon blindly, things would’ve been very different. Similarly, when you set up your own venture, a lot of people will advice you on what is right and what is not and offer you schemes. At those times, follow what you know and believe and not what others try to sell.

5. Build a strong team

The only reason Daenerys was able to be so successful till now is because she treated the people who follow and advice her with utmost respect and empowers them. By guaranteeing the Unsullied their freedom, Khaleesi managed to gain herself a band of loyal followers. Similarly, if you display trust and respect towards your employees and treat them like assets, they will put in their 100% and help you reap profits. Also, it is absolutely crucial for an entrepreneur to learn to identify and tap the talents of his employees.

Start watching Game of Thrones if you don’t already and use these business lessons to make your venture a more successful one.

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