10 Lessons every entrepreneur and startup should learn from Virat Kohli

Well, there’s barely any doubt that we are talking about one of the greatest sportsmen of the 21st century. But, it’s not just the talent that has amazed people across the globe. The evolution of a temperamental prodigy to a legend in the making is something that has left an everlasting impact on one and all.

But, how could Virat Kohli is linked to startups or entrepreneurship? Well, there are a handful of things which entrepreneurs and startups could definitely learn from him.

1. Stick To Basics

First and most important lesson from Virat Kohli is stick to basics and not to be too fancy with your strategy. When you get to run a startup first card of your deck is to know and stick to what and how it has to be done.

2. Start Steady

Never show your smartness on field too much. When you start, start steady, as an entrepreneur always remember to keep your feet well placed on ground before shooting high.

3. Understand The Atmosphere

Before entering into any industry/sector, first understand that industry/sector well. Before launching your startup, study well about your competition, entry cost, market size and exit cost.

4. Time Your Shot

As an entrepreneur, timing is very important. A bad timing shot can send you back to pavilion. Also as an entrepreneur, never lose on opportunities.

5. Create Reputation

One of the tough task is to create reputation, but the toughest of that is to sustain that reputation. As an entrepreneur you should work to create a reputation for yourself and for your brand, and try to sustain that reputation.

6. Be Aggressive

Reflect your energy in every possible way you could, this will always keep others informed about your mindset and toughness. As an entrepreneur, try to be aggressive whenever it’s needed as you could flick that mental edge over competition.

7. Study Your Opponents

Whenever you are up against any opponent, it isn’t enough to know just about yourself, your strength and weakness. As an entrepreneur, you should do a thorough study on your opponents as much as you study yourself.

8. Create Opportunities

As an entrepreneur never sit back and think about opportunities, and wait for them. As an entrepreneur, create opportunities for yourself. And entrepreneurs, never lose on opportunities.

9. Trust Your Instincts

As an entrepreneur your biggest asset is your self-belief. You should have the belief to trust your instincts while taking big calls.

10. Focus On Final Goal

Always keep your focus razor sharp on final goal and push yourself towards it. When you walk towards your goal, never dilute yourself and your efforts with clusters of small tasks.

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