4 Resources for learning about managing a business when starting out

learning about managing a business

Every business that starts faces hard times. Indeed, 20% of all businesses don’t make it out of the first year, and those numbers will dramatically increase for certain types of business. This statistic alone illuminates the obvious: Businesses need as much help as possible in order to survive.

Thankfully for these businesses and the entrepreneurs who found them, help is out there. As such, here are four resources for learning about how to manage a business for brand new businesses.

Small Business Development Centers

 Small Business Development Centers are funded by the government in order to provide resources and training programs to small businesses that are just starting out. They have a wide array of information available, including tips, training, funding programs, and more.

Internet Marketers

These days, having a full understanding of the internet, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO) are not optional – they are vitally necessary for the success of your business. To that end, try to meet with an internet marketer and see what resources they have available, or if they are worth hiring. At the moment, in-person meetings may be difficult, so see if you can’t arrange for a virtual meetup to discuss SEO at some point. Who knows – you may wind up hiring them, or they could hire you.

Chambers of Commerce

 Chambers of Commerce are business groups that have been around for centuries, and with good reason: They help businesses make more money. These groups often have a variety of tools at their disposal, including networking, events, financial resources, advertising, group purchasing programs, and more. As a result, they have become the premier business networking option for new businesses that are just starting out. Make sure to investigate your local Chamber and see what options you may have at your disposal by becoming a member.

SCORE or Mentorship Programs

 Programs like SCORE can help hook new businesses up with training and mentors. These mentors can be exceptionally helpful in giving you personalized advice that can help you get questions answered. It can also be a great chance for you to bounce ideas off of an expert who has been in your shoes before.

Businesses may fail for any number of reasons, but a lack of access to start-up resources doesn’t have to be one of them. The tips about barely scratch the surface of what is available to you. If you are just starting out as a business, make sure to take the time to get a better understanding of what is available to you.

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