3 Ways to keep the self-confidence alive

As human beings, we constantly doubt our next move and seek validation from other people or the universe in form of a sign. When one is low on self-confidence, all s/he needs is motivation from the common things around for a morale boost.

For an entrepreneur, dampened spirits seems like a recurring phase. An entrepreneur is constantly under a lot of stress and most of it is distress. Long hours spent on strategising, marketing and pitching to VCs summarises an entrepreneur’s life. Risk-taking can be physically and mentally taxing which is why an entrepreneur needs more inspiration than anyone else. There are many points in one’s career where self-doubt takes over self-confidence. In those points, one needs energize internally and keep going. It may be tough but it is absolutely necessary.

Here are three ways in which an entrepreneur can believe in himself when the world ceases to:

1. Trust the prospects

The world might believe your idea is stupid, but you think you can work it out, you probably can. All you need is faith and confidence in your skills and potential to make it happen. If big and successful entrepreneurs doubted themselves, no innovation would have ever taken place. We would be living in a world without technology or scientific advancements. The successful ones always go out there and make it happen. All successful entrepreneurs were avant-garde and vanguard which is why they could actually achieve what they wanted to.

Similarly, you need to be clear about what you want and test all the available resources that you’ll require to achieve it. Once you actually start working on it with a clear mind, you’ll realise you’re closer to achieving it than you thought.

2. Don’t doubt your potential

What you want to achieve might seem far-fetched and unconventional, sometimes even impossible, but not even for a moment should you doubt your capabilities. Trust your brain to work out a creative way to make your idea work and strategise around the idea with complete focus. Your innate talent and potential are the only things that’ll bail you out of gloomy days.

Albert Einstein failed 1000 ways before making the light bulb. If he doubted his capabilities or his idea, we’d be sitting in the dark. Instead, he chose to not give up until he reached his end goal.

3. Place confidence in your job

This might seem like a difficult thing to do but unless you’re completely focused and in love with what you do, success will not knock your door. Your core belief in yourself and the job you’re doing is crucial for achieving the target. As an entrepreneur, you should be aware that your job requires you to clock in long hours, undertake risks and take up responsibility of your venture and employees and be completely prepared for it.

Great entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Dhirubai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg loved what they did and believe that their efforts would change the world.

Don’t let anybody or anything dampen your spirits because you know you’re capable of achieving whatever you want to. Try and be positive and confident always and you’ll succeed.

Image credit: dashinthemiddle.com

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