10 reasons every small business needs a mobile app

apps every entrepreneur needs to download

We live in a world where almost everyone has a smartphone. This means that if you do not have a mobile app, you may well be missing out on a vast marketing avenue. If you want to remain competitive, then you need to get with the times. You can be sure that your competitors will have one or be in the initial stage of having mobile app development for their business. The fact is, the world is changing and evolving place. You need to embrace change as part of your overall business strategy. After all, we are living through a digital revolution, and that is not going to change any time soon. In fact, it will only accelerate. It is very easy now to hire a mobile app developer and start the process of creating your first app.  The absolute last thing you can afford to do is fall behind.

1.  Enhances Your Brand Image

Your brand is a vital component to your overall success, and a mobile app is a great representative of your brand. You can make it as attractive and interactive as you like in order to encourage customers to download it. The more downloads and uses you get, the better this is for brand recognition. This is a brilliant way to entice people to purchase from you.

2.  Greater Visibility

A mobile app is a perfect opportunity to have your products in your customer eye line. If you have had your app downloaded, it will appear on a customers phone, and smartphones are looked at for at least a few hours every day. That means your logo will be viewed over and over again, used and sending traffic to your website.

3.  Easier to Promote

Having a mobile app gives a far better impression to any customer than not having one. It is a modern technique that shows you are with the times. An app helps your business stand out from the crowd and helps build trust a loyalty in your brand. It is also a great tool to have when looking to promote new products and services.

4.  An Extra Marketing Channel

Essentially having an app gives you another sales and marketing channel. You can easily keep people up to date with what is happening. If you develop push notifications, you will easily be able to advertise whenever something new crops. An app encourages users to revisit your website and keep things fresh in the mind.

5.  You Can Digitalise Your Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is great at helping you earn more revenue. Loyalty programs work in a number of different ways and can easily be digitised. By having an app and allow users to see the bonuses of shopping with your on their hand, you’ll increase your customer number and sales too. You can even have special app-related offers to generate greater app traffic.

6.  Great Return on Investment

A mobile app is definitely worth the cost of creating it. Due to its versatility and the fact it is on so many people handheld devices, it will no be long until you begin to see the benefits of such a piece of software. As the world is becoming more digitised, soon it will be the norm to simply buy and sell using apps.

7.  Your Customer Base

If you have an app available on all the various app stores, the likelihood is far more potential customers will find you than your regular marketing avenues. This will increase your caches of making a sale. Due to the fact that apps are also integrated with social media, you will benefit from a much further reach.

8.  Customer Insights

An app gives you the chance to get direct feedback from customers. You can add reviews, ratings, and preferences etc., to get better analytical information. You can track the number of downloads and monitor user engagement, as well as see which products get the most views. Understanding your customers help you make better products in the future.

9.  Increase Customer Loyalty

If you want customers to stiuck around, having good service and a convenient nature is absolutely essential. Fortunately, an app provides you with just the ticket. Apps are generally faster and easier to navigate than websites. Additionally, you can use it to promote special offers so they are easily seen.

10.  Beat Your Competitors

In this day and age, you have to digitise your marketing platform. An app is just a great way to do this. Apps need time and expertise to make right, and if you get in first, you can improve and update your app before your competitors. This will benefit you in the long run as you will have had an app first and had more time to develop it.