10 Lessons every entrepreneur should learn from Sachin Tendulkar

Lessons entrepreneurs should learn from Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is one name which inspires billions of people around the world. In a country where cricket is revered as a religion, Sachin is regarded as its God. No one has been able to carry the hopes of a billion people with such grace. His cricketing career has given us a lot of life lessons. A lot of them are relevant to entrepreneurs looking to slog it out for a better future. Let’s have a glance.

1. Never lose sight of your goal

Sachin started out with the goal of lifting the World Cup. He was so heartbroken after the 2007 World cup that he seriously contemplated quitting. 4 years later, he buried the demons by lifting the trophy at Mumbai. Fairy tales exist in reality too. An entrepreneur must never lose sight of the goal.

2. Move out of the comfort zone

It is said that Sachin Tendulkar rarely prepared for the bowler. He prepared for the conditions. He continuously exerted himself against harsher-than expected conditions. This ensured that he was ready for anything at the time of a match.

An entrepreneur can only grow if they are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Only then, can they identify the chinks in the armour.

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3. Never give up

On his maiden Test series, Sachin was hit by a Waqar Younis bouncer on the nose. There was a deep cut which left him bleeding. He could have stopped playing and taken a breather. But that is not the winner’s way of doing things. He got up in a flash, and hit the next ball for a four.

Multiple injuries can easily take a toll on the body. The strain an injury puts on the body and mind is unimaginable.It is understandable to retire at this point. But if you want to be the brand that weathers the test of time, you can never ever give up.

4. There is always scope for improvement

Sachin’s swansong was a Test match at the Wankhede. He got out at the score of 74. After such an illustrious career, one would think Sachin’s mind would be filled with sadness and relief. Sadness at the thought of finally hanging up his boots and never again doing what he loved so much. Simultaneously, relief at the fact that he has crafted a legacy which would withstand the ravages of time. Well, if this is what you think, you are hopelessly off base! Even on the night after his retirement, the thought of improvement was on his mind. The only thing he could discuss about with his brother was what he could have done to not get out.

5. Always have a Plan B

In one test match, Sachin got out cheaply to a Shane Warne delivery. Not wanting to be outdone again, he locked himself in the bathroom and didn’t come out until he had thought of a proper strategy to face him. Later, Sachin revealed that he had come up with multiple plans to outdo Warne. A bowler of his stature could not be bettered with just one stock plan. So, he came up with a plan for each type of delivery.

In life, there will be times when your plan won’t work. You need to come up with an alternative to stay relevant.

6. Know your strengths

Sachin wanted to be a fast bowler. Dennis Lilee convinced him to give up the ball for the bat. Sachin realised that he was special at batting and stuck to it. The rest is history.

Captaincy was one area where Sachin’s record was not as good as most people would have wanted. When he was offered the captaincy for the second time in 2007, he asked the selectors to not appoint him, and instead recommended MS Dhoni for the job. This advice of his paid huge dividends for Indian Cricket, as MS Dhoni is widely recognized as one of the most successful captains.

Just like Sachin, an entrepreneur needs to know the areas where a certain member of his team is better, and entrust the responsibility to him.

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7. Work is worship

For Sachin, playing cricket held the same significance as visiting a temple. He could not think about disrespecting any facet of the game. His devotion to duty stood the same throughout the years. The innumerable records he broke stand testament to this fact.

8. Practice is the key to success

Sachin would sometimes play 3 matches a day. He refused to waste even a single minute of practice. It was only after the incessant practice that he managed to perform exceptionally at the international level. Talent is nothing without hard work and dedication.

Similarly, an idea is nothing by itself. An idea would have value only if it is worked upon and molded into a practical concept.

9. Everybody needs a mentor

If you aim to be the best in what you do, the need for a mentor cannot be overstated. Without the guidance of Mr. Ramakant Achrekar, Sachin could not have realised his true potential. Without the advice of Sir Vivian Richards, Sachin would have given up before he would have won the World Cup.

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10. Stay dedicated even at the hardest of times

When a loved one passes away, it hurts. Negative emotions can mentally cripple even the best of us. One needs immense strength and fortitude to get back up and start working. What sets the best of us apart from others is the way we deal with grief. Slamming a century a day after his father’s death is what transformed Sachin from a legend to God — it was a testament to the fact that one man’s dedication in the face of adversity can overcome all odds.

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