Why vending machines with healthy choices will be the next big thing

vending machines with healthy choices

When you’re hungry and need a boost of energy for the day, you may turn to your office vending machine. However, if you’re busy and hungry, stale chips or an old candy bar are the last things you want.

There’s got to be a better way, you may think to yourself. Luckily, there is—a new trend we are seeing more and more of is vending machines with healthy choices.

Stocked with nutritious lunches, snacks, and drinks, workers no longer have to turn to junk food during their afternoon break.

What’s behind the increase in healthy vending machines? Keep reading to learn more about this healthy trend, along with why we think it will become the next big thing for schools, workplaces, and public spaces.

Vending Machines with Healthy Choices Give Variety

One reason healthy vending machines are increasing in popularity is that they give us variety.

Both adults and even students are getting tired of the same old junk food found in traditional machines. Chips, pretzels, and packs of gum are hardly what people are looking for these days.

Instead, healthy vending machines give us new and exciting options, providing variety. Hungry snackers can enjoy choices such as fresh fruit, salads, yogurts, granola bars, and veggie snacks.

Variety is especially important for those with allergies or dietary requirements. It gives them more options that they can safely eat and enjoy. More variety is always a good thing, as everyone should have access to nutritional foods that are within their diet.

We Are Increasingly Aware of the Dangers of Sugar

When you look at the contents of your standard vending machines, you’ll see plenty of foods with sky-high sugar content. Soft drinks, chocolate bars, cookies, and even chips can have a high sugar content.

While sugar was accepted years ago, food manufacturers are increasingly packing sugar into almost every food. As sugar consumption has risen, so have health problems.

Thanks to the media and health studies, we are now more aware than ever of the health risks of sugar.

Sugar is addicting and can lead to serious health problems, including diabetes, obesity, and certain types of cancer. One of the best ways to look after your health is by reducing your sugar consumption.

This is why healthy vending machine snacks are needed—they give consumers convenience to purchase snacks that aren’t laced with sugar. With more and more of us watching our diet and our sugar consumption, this is important.

When browsing packaging labels, sugar is sneaky and often goes by other names. If a food label says it contains items such as fructose, malt syrup, or treacle, these are all other words for sugar.

They Offer a Nutritious Energy Boost

Most of us turn to vending machines in the afternoon, when we hit the mid-afternoon slump and need an energy boost. But, the energy boost given by junk food, usually caused by sugar or caffeine, tends to give us a quick hit and then leave us feeling sluggish and tired.

However, with healthy snacks from vending machines, you get the energy boost you need, without feeling tired after. If you select a healthy snack, you’re powering your body with healthy nutrients, calories, and vitamins, helping you feel more alert.

When you’re next tempted to reach for an afternoon chocolate bar, try a healthy snack instead and see if you notice a difference.

If you’d like to see more healthy options in your workplace, why not become a champion for healthy eating? Check out HealthyYOU vending reviews as they can be a good option for many workplaces or schools.

Technology Lets Us Keep Food Fresher Than Ever

Thanks to technology and food science, we have more ways than ever to keep food fresh. This means that healthy food stocked in vending machines will last, thanks for refrigeration and moisture.

In the past, food needed to be full of preservatives to last in a vending machine. But thanks to new innovations in vending machine design, we have more options when it comes to food.

Healthy food that needs to be chilled, such as veggie sticks and salads, will still taste fresh after a day or two in the vending machine. When you install a healthy vending machine, however, stock is still replenished frequently, so there are always new and healthy items to select.

Healthy Food Can Be Convenient

It can be hard to eat healthy foods at work, especially if you don’t have access to organic food shops or fresh produce near your office. Plus, when you have a busy day at work, it’s hard to find time to go out and get lunch.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Healthy vending machines offer options that are both healthy and affordable, making it easy to pick up a nutritious snack without leaving the office.

With healthy foods just steps from your desk, you can make healthier choices and also save time. It’s quick and easy to grab a snack between meetings, and you can pay by card if you don’t have cash.

Are You Ready for a Healthier Future?

Gone are the day of chips and sodas. While there will also be a special occasion for a treat, consumers now prefer healthier options. As you can see from the above, vending machines with healthy choices are becoming increasingly popular.

If you’d like to see more healthy choices in your workplace, talk to your company about installing a healthier vending machine. It will keep staff healthy, happy, and satisfied, giving plenty of delicious and nutritious snacks.

Get started today and start enjoying the benefits of living a healthier life.

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