Why businesses need to start recycling metal

recycling metal

Ever since the massive increase in metal production made possible by the Industrial Revolution, businesses in almost every industry have been piling metal into junkyards and buying new metal at low prices. Today, though, it is imperative that more businesses adopt the practice of metal recycling. Here are four key reasons businesses should start recycling metal whenever possible.

Key Metals Are in Limited Supply

While there are still rich deposits of certain metals like iron and aluminum to be mined, not all metals are as common in the Earth’s crust. Key metals in modern technology such as lithium, cobalt, and rare earth metals are relatively hard to come by. For this reason, it’s important to recycle them rather than allowing them to end up in a landfill. The more businesses begin recycling these key metals, the easier it will be for supply to keep up with demand.

Recycling Is the Environmentally Friendly Thing to Do

Even when it comes to more common metals, recycling is still a good idea. Mining has a substantial impact on the environment, and it’s best to keep new metal extraction to a minimum to reduce ecological damage. If you’re trying to make your business greener and attract environmentally conscious employees and customers, metal recycling is a great place to start.

Recycling Metal Helps You Make Some Extra Money

One of the most important reasons for businesses to begin recycling metal is that all types of metal have at least some market value. Copper recycling, in particular, is a great way for your company to bring in a bit of extra money. When copper is recycled, it maintains most of its value. When compared to the costs required for mining, it is clear that recycling metal is more cost-effective.  Iron recycling brings in less money, but can still be profitable for construction companies and other firms with access to large amounts of the metal. Even though it will be a small amount, the extra money you make from recycling will help to improve your company’s financial state over time, try evansmfgco.com.

Metal Recycling Is a Great Introduction to Recycling Other Materials

Once your business successfully implements a program of recycling spare metal, you can also start recycling glass, paper, and plastics. A comprehensive recycling program is a must for green and eco-friendly companies. Metal recycling is usually the easiest to get into, but you can quickly branch out into other materials.

As you can see, recycling metal is an important function for modern businesses. If you aren’t already recycling your extra metal, be sure to create a recycling program within your company as soon as possible.