What Kind of Shipping Supplies Does a New Business Need?

Kind of Shipping Supplies

As consumers, we have high standards for the products we receive. We want them to arrive looking beautiful, arrive quickly, and remain intact when they arrive. To keep up with these high standards, small businesses need to keep certain shipping supplies on hand to improve their shipping processes.

One of the easiest ways for a small business to remain competitive and get that edge above others is to understand the type of packaging that is cost-efficient but that protects the equipment that is being shipped.

By knowing the proper packaging to use, your business can find quick packaging solutions to meet customer needs. Here are seven materials you need to ship correctly.

Custom-Sized Boxes

Companies that specialize in circuit boards like Advanced Circuits understand that packaging electronics correctly is crucial. Corrugated or cardboard shipping boxes that are the right size and weight for your products can help you use a smaller amount of warehouse space, ship less expensively, and cut other costs like fuel for shippers. Circuit boards in particular are thin and fragile which is why professionals that handle them do everything they can to prevent them from breaking in half. Being mindful of the circuit board’s size and durability is how professionals determine what packaging is necessary.
Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You can even do as many businesses do and print the boxes with your branding.

Biodegradable Air Pillows

Eco-friendly packaging materials really help customers feel more confident in buying your products. Air pillows are a smarter way of using packaging, and they protect your products.


This natural mineral protects your products against mold and mildew. It protects against moisture but also against shock absorption. It is recommended by Hazmat and helps keep products, especially fabric products, dry.

Gel Packs

If your products need to be temperature controlled, you can use refrigerant gel packs to keep cargo at the right temperature. These products are nontoxic and frozen, which gives protection for many hours.

Shipping Labels

If you ship hazardous materials, be sure you have labels that specify the need for safe handling. Keeping these labels on hand will ensure you always carry the correct labels for hazardous products.

Packaging Tape

No matter the product, you need the right tape. It must be durable and secure all of your boxes. Heavy-duty shipping tape can get a lot of packaging done. Good tape can help get your packages ready quickly.

Getting your product to your customer on time and in a reliable way is critical to the well-being of your business. For this reason, you need to keep shipping materials on hand so you can quickly get your product to the customer in a timely fashion.