Vesta Space Technology to make satellite & space data services more accessible

Vesta Space Technology

Pune-based Vesta Space Technology Pvt Ltd is a space tech company that builds small satellite platforms for commercial and scientific applications.

It’s founder Arun Kumar Sureban completed his engineering in electronics and communications and went to the US to pursue a Master’s degree in Aeronautical engineering from the University of Southern California.

“After finishing my Master’s, I worked as a research assistant at the university, where I was the programmer for a CubeSat project. The success of that project spawned the idea for Vesta Space,” he said.

In 2018, he developed a drone software and sold it for $3 million. After returning to India, he used those funds to start Vesta Space technology.

Vesta Space has offices in Pune and Bengaluru and a 50-member strong team. The company has collaborated with several global space agencies and has partnered with 12 ground stations around the globe. It specialises in building CubeSats and Nanosatellite technologies.

CubeSats are miniature satellites that have been used exclusively in low Earth orbit for applications such as remote sensing or communications.

In the first week of March, the company deployed its first CubeSat with a payload of 10 kg and sent two satellites into orbit. They are now awaiting the second set of data from the satellites launched.

Apart from these core functions, Vesta Space has recently developed Mission Analysis and Launch-Assist operations as well.

“We are working with ISRO too, albeit on the low-end. We began expanding globally first and then into India, which has immense potential,” said Arun, adding that his team of young employees in India has a lot of potential.

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