Top moving tips to give your clients

Moving is easy – simply packing and loading your stuff into the truck. Everything other than the packing and loading is a hassle. Everything else includes planning, coordination, buying things, and timing. A move requires so much time for preparation and finally moving.

As a mover company, moving can be easy for you as it is a part of your day to day work. However, moving is usually daunting and stressful for clients. Even if you are not a mover, you might have clients who need to relocate. It is your responsibility to help you clients in every possible way. Let us explore some moving tips that you can use to help your clients to prepare for their move.

Always plan in advance

People always feel stressed when they need to move immediately and don’t find sufficient time for preparation. To avoid such conditions, it is best to start planning for your move at least six weeks prior to the move.

You can help your clients by preparing a checklist of important tasks and offering it to them when they decide for a move. By getting a plan for all the essential tasks, they can create a plan and follow the same throughout the process. Having a plan in hand, they can see everything done as per the plan.

Help them hire a moving company

Moving tipsFinding and hiring the right moving company is one of the most challenging tasks people face when they are about to move. You can help your clients find the right moving company or recommend them the list of best moving companies serving their location.

Let your client decide on their own which company they choose from your recommended list. By offering them a list of best movers, you can help save their time so that they can utilize it for other activities like packing, cancellation of services, documentation, and paperwork, etc.

Offer them boxes and packing supplies

Boxes are the things that people always have insufficient. You can supply them with extra packing boxes as they don’t cost too much. The cardboard boxes are inexpensive and are easily available. Also, they need things like packing tape, paper cushions, staplers, markers, and bubble sheets that you can supply them. Also, check for move in move out cleaning in DC.

Offer them a list of service providers

During a move, clients need a lot of services, such as helpers, packers, movers, cleaners, painters, and many other handyman services. You can offer them a list of trusted service providers whom they can contact for the work they want to get done in their existing house.

Ask your clients to declutter

Moving tipsThings are much easier for clients when they sort out the items they need and those they don’t need. Help them find and sort out the things they don’t need and provide them with some online and offline options they can use to sell or dispose of them. Help them to sell their unused items online on marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist. They can also sell the items in Sunday Flea markets or donate them to charity.

Ask them to pack early

When the time is less, it is important that you advise your customers to pack merchandise quickly for relocation. The sooner they prepare their article, the better. Ask them to create a packing schedule so they can go through the process smoothly and without delay. Teach them to pack from the bedroom and make sure everything is organized before moving into another location.

If possible, it would be best to advise them to pick suitable packing materials for all their belongings. This is especially true for important documents, photos, and art. For this, opting for rigid envelopes can help them transport their belongings without any hassle. You can learn more here about how they can prevent damage and safeguard their precious belongings while moving. Also, you can help your clients to label their boxes with a marker and seal them using sealing tape. By doing all this, unpacking will become a perfect process for them.

Post move cleaning service

After a few days of hard work, if you invest in professional cleaning, your clients can get the most out of their move. Your new property may require a thorough cleaning before they can move into your new home. So, don’t hesitate to hire a cleaner to clean polished baseboards and windows.

TV, phone and internet

Television, phone lines, and the internet are the things that people prefer to disconnect on the last day. However, the time is less on the last as there are many tasks that are left for this time. You can send a professional who can help them disconnect these connections or contact the service providers for the same.

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Final Words

Your clients are your customers, and serving them with the best of your services should be your priority. Help them by recommending the best and affordable service providers in their area. Following these tips, you can serve your clients and make their move convenient and free from all types of hassles.

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