The journey from a team of 2 to the team of 100+ People, GraffersID is fastest growing IT Company


When COVID struck hard on companies and a massive layoff was seen in Industry, people were losing their jobs, phasing no employment. GraffersID was constantly hiring more professionals.

GraffersID was founded in 2017 under the leadership of Sidharth Jain with a mission of turning the story of success for Startups. Today, GRAFFERSID is the Tech Company behind popular successes of startups incubated or funded by Sequoia, TechStars, YCombinator, Google, Coca-Cola, Harvard, MIT Labs among others.

It was an office with 2 people in 2017 and a room of merely 10 X 20 in size. Today, GRAFFERSID is powerful as 100+ people, Dedicated Office Space, and Global Leaders as Clientele.

Startup Started the GRAFFERSID – The journey begins when Startups are experiencing a 90% Failure Rate.

During one of the networking sessions Sidharth has attended, his friend said to him “Sidharth, It’s been more than three months for us, and there is no traction even after launching the product at the right time. Our product is still not market fit even after six months of the development cycle.”

Sidharth was always supportive of Entrepreneurs and their hard work put behind an idea. After that conversation, he found a depressing fact about Startups and Failures that – the success rate for Startups was merely 10%.

The primary reason was the lack of proper tech consultation and technology support. There were few companies who understood the dynamics of a Startup.

GraffersID was born at that moment on a mission to turn the tables for Startups and send them to the driving seat of growth.

Failing because of inferior technology is not what an Entrepreneur deserves. GRAFFERSID always worked to ensure that technology should be the power of startups.


GRAFFERSID is like a Sports Team that fights the Battle to Win Gloriously!

In any sports team, it’s always about the team effort and winning the game irrespective of the individual’s performance. During one previous lockdown, one of the Interns at GRAFFERSID came up with an Idea and everyone played their part to make that Idea hit the goal. In the words of Sidharth, it goes like –

“His idea was to – play with the same username of @GraffersID and make others curious about it” So, on weekdays, our team members were playing multiple games. Sounds like a crazy day at work? Indeed, it was.

People were literally curious and we ranked up in Google Search. Gamers, professionals, and everyone was searching “GraffersID” and we were receiving traffic, leads, and clients through it.

That is just one way where the team GRAFFERSID comes up together to achieve the goals.

Breaking the Myths and Creating a Culture based on Values!

GRAFFERSID believes in a value-based approach instead of focusing on traditional ways to work, hire and operate.

During the last hiring round the previous month, GRAFFERSID had to hire 1 out of 10 applicants.

For final selection, they checked the rejected applications once again. There was one application with No Degree but few projects as Freelancing. That was interesting. One of their senior HR Manager gave it a shot. It turned out that one freelancer has worked on many more complex projects than the experienced profile.

GRAFFERSID quickly hired him and his experience has helped clients multiple times. These are some instances where people don’t agree, but such incidents turn them down. GRAFFERSID highly believes that numbers or papers are not the correct criteria to judge or hire someone.

“There are lots of myths created over a period of years in the Corporate Industry. We have been breaking most of them.”

Today, GRAFFERSID doesn’t have a sales team. It’s all a result of our high-quality work that most of the clients refer them to friends and family and their marketing experiments which succeed more than they fail.

During the initial days, One of the very first problems for GRAFFERSID as a Startup was winning client trust. As a new startup, not very many were ready to trust easily. A possible solution was to have a big portfolio which was again not possible for a Startup. It was difficult to engage high-value clients. So, here’s one trick that helped them overcome the shortcomings.

So the marketing team of GRAFFERSID made a value proposition to our clients.

As Sidharth Jain says

“We created 1 free design for our clients to prove to them our skills, which would also win their trust.

This strategy allowed us to flaunt our confidence and get more exposure. Most of the time we won the client, but even if we didn’t win some clients then we definitely won their referrals.”

Failures keep coming to you, they will never stop. Change your attitude and keep learning from them.


GraffersID see FUTURE as a plethora of Opportunities and want to help STARTUPS in more than one way!

Today, there are some mission-driven and high-quality Startups who are struggling in the ocean of a billion startups. After working with thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of experienced investors, GRAFFERSID has found that there is still a very important path lacking in the Industry.

Startups should be able to connect with the right Investors who share the same mission and vision. While on the other side, Investors should be able to know any Startup deeply to evaluate every aspect.

Sidharth says

“Networking and connecting with people is one of my habits. Eventually, it has helped many startups gain insights from top Industry Leaders.”

GRAFFERSID wants to help Startups to connect with these potential leaders whenever they need them. Mentors, Investors, Experts, and Industry Professionals are ready to incubate and grow deserving Startups. Similarly, good investors deserve to know the real story of Startups before pushing into them.

GRAFFERSID can work as a single platform for both of the parties to understand, build trust and connect on the same values.

After working with Fortune 500 Companies, Unicorn Startups, and Market Leading enterprises, GRAFFERSID now knows the elements, values, and aspects which make any Startup successful.

And, that exactly is the vision of this team at GRAFFERSID. Unleash the real potential behind the right partnerships between a tech company, startup, and investor.