The Importance of Social Media Brand Awareness

voice for your brand

In today’s market, retaining customers is more crucial than ever. Building a loyal relationship with a potential customer starts with spreading the word about the products and services your business offers. This “brand awareness” helps drive customer behavior. Being aware of the brand may be able to win over potential prospects more quickly.

Think about it, if a customer does not recognize your brand, they’re more than likely going to choose one they do. Pushing particular products is still vital, but if a prospect has not made that initial connection with your brand, they may overlook your company when choosing. The marketing or sales funnel will also help further explain the stages a shopper goes through before buying.

  • Stage 1: Awareness Of Your Brand. The customer knows your brand and recognizes it. However, before this stage the customer has yet to hear of your brand.
  • Stage 2: Contemplation. Customers grasp more about your business and may develop familiarity with your offerings. During this phase, customers are considering your company as they think about buying a product or investing in a service.
  • Stage 3: Conversion. This is where a customer makes the purchase.
  • Stage 4: Building Loyalty. Once a customer has purchased a product or service from you, the goal is to continue to build the relationship. You want the customer to feel satisfied with their first purchase because they may be more willing to join your customer base.
  • Stage 5: Endorsement. This is the stage when a customer has become loyal to your small business. They are also likely to share their experiences with friends and family. The loyal customer might also choose to share a positive review online.

Following the marketing or sales funnel above, it makes sense why companies should make brand visibility a priority. While there may not be a strong return on investment on paper. By creating publicity around your brand in itself, more customers are attracted to your marketing funnel.

There is several ways to achieve brand visibility. One of the most popular ways is to use social media campaigns. Other methods include attaining media coverage about your brand such as by creating articles, blogs, and other material that might attract a potential prospect.

To be successful in the crowded advertising space, small businesses need to think outside the social media ad box. For more information on how to create better brand awareness make sure to check out the infographic below.

Infographic created by Beantown Media Ventures, a digital public relations company