The Best Assets for Independent Construction Contractors to Invest in

Assets for Independent Construction Contractors

Over the years, the construction industry has been witnessing a tremendous change in equipment used. Combining the brilliance of technology and the input from builders, modern-day manufacturers of construction equipment have been able to develop equipment designed to increase efficiency while minimizing the cost to both the contractor and the client.

As a potential investor in the construction industry, there is basic equipment you need to equip your firm with. Keep in mind most construction equipment is relatively pricey. This being the case, you also need to prioritize the equipment you are purchasing based on the skilled operators you have, the type of construction projects, and the overall budget you are working with. Here are some of the assets you may want to consider when setting up your firm.

Safety Equipment

The construction industry is prone to an accident either from a faulty machine or falling building materials. As an independent contractor, the first thing that should come to mind is your workers’ safety and yourself. For this, you need to invest in the right safety equipment. Some of which include.

Hard hats or helmets: these are designed to protect you and your workers from head injuries caused by falling objects on site. They also help protect workers from direct sun rays and electric shock.

Hi-vis clothing: high visibility clothing helps prevent accidental strikes due to poor visibility. This includes safety vests, reflective tape, and other visibility tools.

Safety footwear: your employees need the right footwear to protect their feet from injury caused by slips or falling objects.

Wheel chocks: these are used to chock vehicle wheels when parked and not in use to prevent unintentional movement.

Cable protector: these systems provide you with a safe method of passing traffic while preventing damage to electric cables, cords, and hose lines.

Construction Vehicles

Every construction business can own at least a few key construction vehicles that can be stored on-site or away in a warehouse. Being an independent contractor, you are probably working on a fixed budget. However, here is the best construction you can add to your asset collection.

Dozers: these come in handy when you must clear the land where you are to begin the project. To effectively prepare the site for construction, doers are used to clear the surface in readiness for the digging of the foundation.

Front Loaders: these are the best option when it comes to collect the dirt and piles of debris left behind by the dozers. These vehicles are fitted with a bucket-like attachment connected to movable arms used to lift up to 6 cubic meters of dirt and debris at a go.

Mixers: these vehicles allow you to make your own mixed concrete that can be transported to the construction site. Depending on the size of your construction, you can either decide to get the large concrete mixer attached to the back of a truck, or you can go with the heavy-duty mechanical drum mixer.

Cranes: of all the equipment you need, this is probably the most important. These are used to do the heavy lifting at the construction site. Cranes are fitted with chains, sheaves, and a hoist rope that are used to lift and lower material and can also be used to move the materials horizontally. If you’re looking for a mobile crane option, look for boom trucks for sale or rent.

Dump trucks: you can decide to get dump trucks which are a good add as they help move dirt and debris collected from the site to a different location. They can also be used to transport construction material like cement, rocks, and metal to the construction site.

Construction Tools

You need to equip yourself with some of the basic tools in construction. Some of which include;

Non-contact voltage tester that comes in handy when working electricity. It helps prevent accidents resulting from electric shocks.

CNC router: this is a computer numerical control router that helps with the high precision cutting of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic.

Hammer drill: just as the name suggests, this tool can be used for both hammering and drilling.

If you are looking at starting up a construction business, then keep some of these assets in mind. Not only are these things necessary for the job but having good physical assets to back up any small business lending that you need to get is a wise move. Properly investing in the right assets can make or break you in the construction business.