Sujata Pawar, Apurv Agarwal are helping the environment by developing eco-friendly

Sujata Pawar Apurv Agarwal c

Menstrual pads contribute to a fair share of pollution, this what Sujata Pawar and her husband Apurv Agrawal are doing for the environment is worth a mention.

Their startup Avni is solely based on providing eco-friendly menstrual care products to women in India. The entire menstruation cycle has remained a big taboo in the country, however, with time, things definitely are changing and people are becoming aware that it’s essential that hygiene remains on the forefront during this time of the month.

Avni is based in Thane and was founded in the year 2020. Both the founders, Sujata as well as Apurv have worked in pharma brands after completing their bachelors in pharmacy. Both of them also holds an MBA in marketing. Their experience in the pharma sector helped them in taking the plunge.

Sujata previously did realize that using plastic pads had its own disadvantages and cloth pads were something that was environmentally friendly. In fact, Sujata wants other women to realize the same and shift towards using menstrual products that won’t harm a woman’s body nor the environment.

Plastic pads without a doubt cause irritation to the skin when used for longer durations. Avni on the other hand has organic sanitary napkins that are reusable in nature. The company also has cotton disposable pads.

Avni has already raised 75 thousand dollars in the seed funding round.

The name Avni means Earth, which holds symbolism as a personification of the mother of all life. Their first launch was Avni safepad, which is a reusable organic antimicrobial cotton oaf. This keeps women safe from any kind of infection during use. The product helps both the women and the environment in one go.

Thereafter, there was another launch called Avni Ezeepad for the masses since women prefer disposable pads. There are also silicone menstrual cups. They’ve also started helpline numbers so that people’s concerns and queries regarding the product could be addressed.

The products from Avni are not only available on their website but also on e-commerce Giants apps including Amazon, Flipkart, 1mg, Qtrove, etc. A few retail stores in Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad are also selling these products.