Step By Step Guide To Apply For Sri Lanka E-Visa

Sri Lanka E-Visa

To visit Sri Lanka, you will most likely need a Sri Lanka e-visa or at the very least a travel authorization. This diverse country has a never-ending plethora of things to offer tourists, both in terms of cultural heritage and natural landscapes (it has 26 national parks and two marine parks). And getting a visa and getting there isn’t difficult.

Through this article, you will get the information for step by step procedure to apply for Sri lanka e-Visa.

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Steps To Apply For Sri Lanka Visa Online:

There are ways to apply for an e-visa to Sri Lanka. There are many ways to apply for a Sri Lanka e-visa, depending on your country of origin.

When you arrive. This is a free visa that citizens of a few countries can obtain at the Sri Lankan airport. The methods of applying for a visa to Sri Lanka are detailed below, along with who can apply for which.

Fill Out All Of The Necessary Information.

Your inbound flight number into Colombo would be the flight details. Immigration uses this to estimate the number of passengers. Use the address from your first place of stay after arriving. A group application still provides individual Electronic Travel Authorization(ETA) for each passenger. The main advantage of the group option is that it saves time by requiring less data entry. The dates, flights, and accommodations are all the same for everyone in the group. There is also a single payment for the entire fee.

Make Payment For Visa Processing Fee:

This is accomplished through the use of an online payment system and your electronic payment cards (credit cards/e-commerce enabled debit cards). Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are the only credit cards accepted. If you are unable to pay using electronic payment cards (credit cards/e-commerce enabled debit cards), you must choose one of the other options.

Keep in mind that the ETA processing fee you paid is not refundable or transferable.

Receipt Of ETA Status Confirmation:

If your ETA application is straightforward, you should receive a referral notice right away. You can then contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration to obtain the necessary ETA.

Obtain ETA Approval Or A Referral Notice.

You will receive a second follow-up email from the Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka a few minutes later.This was the go-ahead.

Check The Status:

You can check the status of your ETA application on the official website or call the ETA call centre at 0094 71 99 67 888 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wrapping It Up:

Getting a Sri Lanka online visa is no more a daunting chore. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines to get the visa in a shorter span of time. So if you are one of the tourists who wish to explore this historical country, apply for Sri Lanka E-Visa and enjoy a good summer season there.