Startups who have wonderful solutions to get through the smog in Delhi

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The degrading quality of air in Delhi and NCR has been a rising concern for the past few days especially after the festival of Diwali. The conditions have worsened over time and have led to smog (smoke + fog) like condition which engulfs the capital region making in difficult and harmful to inhale the air.

Here are few offerings by startups which will help you get through this condition:

Smart Air filters

It is a tech startup which launched a year before and provides a wide range of solutions to deal with the smog and polluted air in general. The range includes HEPA filters, laser egg air quality monitors, DIY air purifiers and pollution masks at very reasonable rates.


Airveda is a startup which was launched by the ex-Chief Product Officer of Zomato and aims at providing air quality monitors in India. It was launched a year back. They have a cool invention which allows you to connect the monitor to an app on your phone to improve the quality of air you breathe.

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Nurserylive is a Pune based startup which provides customers with plants, seeds and bulbs which fight the pollutants in the air. The company sources over 3,000 variants daily from different nurseries and delivers them to the customers on a daily basis.


Oizom is a startup which originated in Ahmedabad and uses a monitor which regulates air quality and is called Polludrone. It measures various parameters of the air like dust particles, ambient noise, odours, gases and radio waves.

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OnMask Life Sciences

This startup which is based in Hyderabad aims to protect their customers from harmful pollutants by offering them multi-layer anti-pollution masks. They have industrial masks as well as masks for the general public. This start-up also aims to find a solution to the polluted air by starting a research and development wing shortly.

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