Springfinity: gardening solutions for green fingers

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With beautiful captions like “we’re from the garden of forever”, this start-up has been creative waves amongst gardening enthusiasts. It is an online based company which provides gardening solutions. It gives the urban population a chance to spend minimal time on their in-house garden and witness spectacular results. Springfinity aims at helping people grow a lively patch inside a matchbox house by spending only 20 minutes daily.

The start-up was founded by Anand Sarkar who dared to believe that colourful patches could exist in urban spaces as well. Amal Roy (Sarkar’s classmate from MICA) and Salim have managed to successfully tap the fast growing Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability of the country. It helped them build Sprinfinity as a one stop for plants, accessories and organic produce.

The team believes itself to be an epitome of gardening solutions and the gardening kit available will help the customer get his garden set in no time. The DIY kit which is the most popular product includes the right kind of pot, hanger, flowered plant, Springfinity guide, magic bloom, sprayer, gloves and a maintenance mix. Other products available on the website include different plants which can be grown indoor like 5 sticks indoor bamboo, green cryptanthus, green cordyline etc, bird feeders and different kinds of planters.

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Often, delivering alive plants is seen as a challenge. However, the team of Springfinity who are all gardening enthusiasts have found stellar solutions to this problem as well. The plants packaged in a unique way are shipped carefully to the customer and remain safe and arranged. Another challenge that this start-up faces is consistency of availability of the featured inventory as most of the plants are sourced from Kerala and Bengaluru. To counter this problem, they are looking to add smaller nurseries to their portfolio.

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Currently they’ve shipped products to South India, Goa, Maharashtra, Kolkata and NCR successfully. The gnomes (team of Sprinfinity) plan to introduce new products like seeds and kitchen garden accessories to their website very soon.

To know more about Springfinity or start your own garden, log on to http://springfinity.com/.

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