Setting up solid security for your company’s new location

Setting up solid security for your company

Moving your business to a new location is an exciting opportunity for a fresh start and a solid community presence. No matter where you move to, though, you will need to establish strong physical security for the new premises. There are several options to consider based on the size of your property, adjacent parking areas, and the level of security that you need.

Commercial Fencing

A durable commercial fence offers reliable protection with minimal maintenance. In addition, its presence will detract would-be intruders from trying to gain access to the property. Commercial fencing installed by professionals is likely to hold up against rough weather and years of use. Overall, this type of security is widely recognized and well respected as a secure barrier to company property.

Surveillance Cameras

With a number of sizes and models to choose from, you can install a surveillance camera in just about any location of the property. It can be mounted to be visible as a deterrent to trespassers or vandals, or it can be hidden to catch criminals with their guard down.

Cameras can also be mounted in several locations around the building and at the entrances to perform a number of functions. They can be attached to motion detector lights that are activated by movement, allowing a camera to capture a more vivid and clear image. Also, they can be coordinated to work with alarms that sound while video captures a fleeing suspect. Photo or video imaging can be used to prosecute someone who tries to break into the building or cause damage.

Door Locks

Keyless locks that are manipulated by touch or biological indicators like a thumbprint or eye scan are growing in popularity. Keypad entry locks are widely used as well, along with alarm locks that sound when an unauthorized person tries to gain access. Swipe cards or key cards remain effective and are used by many companies. Steel doors provide an added defence against break-in attempts.

Live Monitoring

Some commercial buildings or medical facilities favour live monitoring by security officers via camera feeds at the entryways and around larger windows that could serve as points of access. Multiple cameras may feed video to a security office where the activity is monitored and suspicious movements or sounds are investigated. Some security forces assign dogs to work with officers to inspect or monitor a building site.

With methods like these available, you can protect your new building location against would-be criminals. Assess what type of security your business needs to keep it safe against intruders and other threats.

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