SEO 101: Two pillars of a link building strategy

link building strategy

SEO is a process of increasing the visibility of websites or web pages in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing through typical internet search results. One of the main parts of SEO is link building; it is all about your site, linking it to other websites, and getting other relevant websites to link back to your website.

The search engines are big fans of this content sharing strategy; they see it as your website socializing with the internet world. This is also a great way to successfully tell the internet world about what your website offers and how it can help the user. SEO link building also includes internal links within your own website. Influencers and companies with websites are advised by industry experts to use the optimized link building methods. It would help the businesses to make sure that their websites have improved ranking on search engines.

Getting started with SEO

If you fail to understand the importance of Search engine optimization and link building both off and on-page, you might end up losing tons of traffic for your website. Link building will not only bring traffic to your site but will also increase your business revenue and sales. Currently, a business can’t really afford to ignore the importance of the internet and SEO.

So, for all of those budding entrepreneurs who are willing to improve their website traffic and gain more visibility and increase their revenue. Today, this article will talk about two main pillars of SEO link building strategy.

#1 On-Page SEO: One of the main on-page SEO strategies is including outbound links to your websites. This means linking out other websites similar to your niche. People may argue that you will lose visitors to outbound links when they leave your website. Well, it’s somehow true, but look at the bigger picture, the search engines will reward you way more for doing this. Outbound links to good websites will increase your ranking on search engines, which will give you more traffic. For this reason, many experts follow this method.

#2 Off-page SEO: Another crucial part of the SEO link building plan is off-page SEO. Links pointing back to your site are one of the most impactful marketing strategies on the internet. According to this post, this is a crucial step for new websites or blogs because Google and other search engines find off-page SEO links more natural. Though there is no proper guide on how many links your website should have, at this time, use your own intellect to guide you.

Don’t add too much; just make sure the links should look natural for search engines like Yahoo or Google. You can start by getting a few backlinks every day. As the older your websites become, you can add more backlinks.

Important note- Get other websites also to link back to your websites, as it will help you more in improving your search engine ranking.

These are two main pillars of link building strategy that not only new entrepreneurs but also big business should follow. Following these two pillars will help you get more traffic to your website and generate more revenues.

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