Permanent Formwork Construction Method: What Is It Used For? 

Permanent Formwork Construction Method

Having a new structure built is filled with challenges and choices. Those commissioning the construction must decide what materials to use, how much they are willing to spend, and the type of construction that will ultimately be used. An option that is gaining more credence recently is permanent formwork construction. 

Most commonly used in concrete construction, this method relies on the use of a special structure that helps building materials to set properly. However, once the setting process is complete, these structures are not removed. Instead, as the “permanent” descriptor implies, they are left in place for good. This actually adds support to the building or other structure and can increase its strength and longevity. But, when should this method be considered? While it can work in a range of situations and for various building applications, there are certainly some key times in which it’s highly recommended. 

When The Job Needs To Get Done Very Fast

First, this method is highly recommended when a construction job needs to get completed as quickly as possible. Permanent Concrete Formwork, unlike other building methods and tools, never has to be taken apart or removed, which can be a time-consuming step that many builders hate. Thus, when a structure needs to be erected and in use quickly, those funding the project may request this particular method. Likewise, many builders choose to use it when they are in a time crunch and need to get work done quickly without sacrificing quality in the process.

When Reducing Waste Is A Priority

Unfortunately, waste, often excessive waste, tends to be common on construction sites. The good news, though, is that there are ways to reduce construction site waste, and using permanent formwork construction is one of them. With this method, the formwork stays in place as long as the structure does. Unlike temporary formwork, it does not have to be tossed into a junk pile somewhere after completion of the project. Thus, this building strategy is often highly preferred by those with environmental concerns. 

When Versatility Is Absolutely Vital

When building multiple structures, especially within a short period of time, it can often be helpful to have one go-to construction method. After all, that’s a whole lot easier than switching between different methods. Fortunately, permanent formwork is the perfect strategy in these instances since it can be used for almost anything. In fact, that’s why so many builders like it so much. They can use it for constructing a single family home, a high-rise building, or anything in between. No matter the project or purpose, they know that this construction method will stand the test of time. 

When Using Less Rebar Is Key

Rebar is excellent at reinforcing structures. However, permanent formwork is as well. Thus, using permanent formwork often enables builders to use less or, in some cases, even no rebar. This can significantly cut construction costs, especially given the increasingly high price of rebar. Those who want their structure built on a budget without any detriment to quality should certainly consider this great option. 

Permanent formwork can work in a range of construction applications. If you think it could be right for your project, research this option further. From there, it should be easy to find a qualified builder who can use it and use it well.