Music for Business: What is it and how can it benefit businesses?

Music for Business

The music industry is growing in popularity among companies due to its role in enhancing their customers’ experience. Although music for business services is still in its infancy, the platform is radically changing the way how regular consumers access and listens to music.

Based on the mid-year music report by Nielsen, Americans streamed 403 billion songs through video and audio services in the first half of 2018. The report also showed that streaming music services accounted for 75% of the total music consumption during the period as compared to just 50% for the same period in 2016.

What is music for business service?

A music for business service works like your disc jockey, who selects a collection of songs played on your business premises. Players in the industry spent years researching the songs customers want to hear during their visits to their favorite establishments.

By subscribing to the service, you are bolstering your brand and catering to the interest of your clients in the most practical way.

History of music streaming

Music streaming traced its roots in the late 1980s when the digital audio coding format called MP3 was developed. The MP3 enables the compression of sound sequences into small files for digital storage and transmission. The technology led to the proliferation of various MP3 downloading services, with Napster being the most popular.

The licensing issues that emerged in the peer-to-peer file-sharing service sector led to Napster’s demise in 2001. But Apple saw the vast market opportunity for online music services and launched its iTunes application for its iPods in 2003. The introduction of the iPod created a boom in personal digital devices.

What followed next is the use of licensed music to business-focused streaming services. These services come with a subscription plan and a free option. The free option plays some advertisements now and then to pay for the service.

Benefits of music service for businesses

Music has a significant impact on the perception and experience of customers in your establishment, whether it is a restaurant, a shopping mall, hotel, or an everyday business office. Here are other benefits of a dedicated music business service:

● Influence the perception of the customers: The kind of music you play affects the ambiance in your business premises. If the customers do not like the atmosphere, they will not enjoy their experience, thus, resulting in a poor perception of your business.

● Improve business profitability: Playing the right music in your premises can attract new customers. Enjoyable music can also increase the time they spend in your establishments, which could result in higher sales. Satisfied customers are also more likely to return.

● Allow the use of licensed music: By subscribing to music for business services, you can be sure that all songs played on your premises are licensed and authorized for commercial use. It will also allow you to attend to more urgent issues in managing your business to ensure its success.

Playing music is very important in enhancing the ambiance of your business premises, whether it is a restaurant, grocery store, hotel, convenience stores, salons, spas, etc. By subscribing to reliable providers, you can have peace of mind because of their professional service.

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