Mobile News app Newsdog focuses on local languages

Newsdog is an indigenous mobile news application catering to the daily news updates for the Republic of India, covering practically all the categories such as Bollywood news, auto news, movie news, sports news, such as cricket, entrepreneur stories, political views.

This app has many in-built features such as:

  • Read offline
  • Bookmark interesting stories to read later
  • Download and save data such as images
  • Search engine to make you search for any particular news story or category
  • Place your comments on the Comment box
  • Post-real-time news updates 24/7

NewsDog entered the Indian market somewhere in the middle of 2016 with a focus on an English-adept readership but by the end of November 2016, it did a pivot to concentrate on vernacular languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

“Before pivoting we did some ground research on Indian content consumption pattern and found that audience in tier II and III cities are more open to spending time on genres including entertainment, politics, and cricket,” explains Yukun.

While 60 per cent (about 12 million) users hail from the Hindi speaking belt, about 20 per cent traffic hails from the Tamil speaking region. Telugu contributes 10 per cent to overall 20 million MAUs for NewsDog.

NewsDog competes with DailyHunt, InShorts, and Rozbuzz.

“We kicked-off operations with English but soon realised that potential in the language was slim,” says Chen Yukun.

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