Minimalism: A Way To A Cleaner and Sustainable life


It is human nature, as you may already know, to attach much more significance to material things than they should. We tend to hoard everything that seems to have value when in fact they are just a piece of trash. We can actually escape from this vicious cycle if we learn the concept of minimalism. Minimalism in a better understanding is living with less. When you say less means less financial obligations such as debt and unnecessary expenses. In general, the concept is about getting rid of what does not matter and living life based on valuable experiences rather than material possessions.

Minimalism helps us realize the true importance of simple life. This includes our passion, motivation, family, and health. It also teaches us to nurture the environment as minimalism and sustainability go hand-in-hand. To live a minimalist life is also living a sustainable life. Read on to see how we can take that extra leap to sustain our planet by being a minimalist.

Declutter things you don’t need  

Things that are of no use for over a year are just taking up some space in your house. Make a list of unnecessary things and get rid of them. You won’t need several pairs of jeans and many sets of plates to live happily. Check on the same things you have at home and how much you need them at all. If not, send it as a gift to anyone or sell it as pre-loved items.


Live with less 

This may sound difficult but the moment you master to live with less, it will boost your outlook in every aspect of your life. You will get used to traveling with lesser things, you will only buy what you really need and you will be able to see the value of things you have in possession. Wants versus needs is always a debatable topic but your needs should be your priority. Simply buying less is not just economical but is about learning to live only with the things that matter to you and will have a significant impact in your life.

Go paperless  

Payments or any other transactions can now be done online. Several companies offer to have transactions with them through an online account. Important documents on the other hand can be saved and scanned on your computer and you print them anytime when you need them. Throw away those big paper towers and save on space. Your home will be cleaner and it will be easier for you to manage your bills and other paperwork. Above all that, you contribute to saving our precious trees.


Smaller space matters  

If you live alone and your home is too big for you, look for smaller ones. We often think that bigger is better because we can move freely in a large area. However, smaller houses give a greater impression of a warm and cozy home and it is a lot easier to decorate and maintain. Frequent cleaning and decluttering will make a good ambiance in your home.

Make an eco-friendly kitchen 

Avoid buying too much food and throwing them half away. Practice buying fresh fruits and vegetables in the market and bring a reusable eco-friendly bag when you shop. If you can, look for products that are not packed too much because you will only throw away the packaging and it’s just extra trash.


Recycle, reduce and reuse 

Explore the online world and find out how you can give a new life to something you don’t use. Old containers can be reused to pile your things in the kitchen, your office or the bathroom. Your old bag can serve as a shopping bag or as storage for smaller stuff in your room. You help protect our environment by recycling biodegradable materials and it’s cheaper than buying new ones. Anything can be possible with an imaginative and creative mind.

Conserve Energy 

Change your old light bulbs to LED lights. Turn off the lights when not in use and invest in better windows for good ventilation. You will get a lower electric bill and it is a more responsible option for yourself and the environment rather than using AC. The concept of having an eco-friendly house is the assurance of consuming sustainable energy. Another option is to invest in solar panels or an electric car. These might be a huge cost but in the long run they will save you money and are the sustainable minimalist preference.


It is better to repair 

It is true for many appliances, tech gadgets, clothes and more to buy new rather than repair the ones you already have. Instead of throwing, make them useful again. For things that you no longer need (like an old phone or broken laptop), give them to your local thrift store. Or send them to people in need. Live smart, live green and be a true sustainable minimalist. Avoid buying unnecessary things. Repair what you can and only choose things that would last for a lifetime

There you have it. I hope this article enlightens you to a whole new standard of living when you embrace a minimalist life. Not only that you will have sustainability in being less but you will also protect our mother nature.

About the Author:

Bash SarmientoBash Sarmiento is a writer and an educator from Manila. He writes laconic pieces in the education, lifestyle, and health realms. His academic background and extensive experience in teaching, textbook evaluation, business management, and traveling are translated into his works.

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