LuvStay: The safest heaven for unmarried couples


Every startup has a story tell. Every startup has a purpose to achieve. With so many startups catering to different issues, this New Delhi based startup is the righteous step to change the mindset of the Indian Society.

On a pleasant evening, being denied of a hotel room due to the policy against the unmarried couples, Mr. Sumit Anand, Founder of LuvStay could asses out the discrepancies within the present system. Even though some hotels agreed for accommodation, they are never free from the risk of encountering hidden cameras or police raids. Leaving their well payed job, Sumit initiated LuvStay to provide out hotels that are welcoming unwed couples and ensure their safety and privacy.

A couple-friendly hotel aggregator, is set out to break taboos and change societal mindsets. Having a comprehensive 20-point checklist for each of the hotel, their main objective is to provide unmarried couples of legal age (over 18 years) a stress free quality time.

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Convincing for nothing wrong is a daunting task but Karan Mago, CMO of LuvStay tells about how do they function, our team relentlessly visits good hotels and convinces them about our proposition. We tell them there is a big untapped market waiting to be explored and there is nothing wrong in giving two consenting adults a room if they have proper IDs and are willing to pay the tariff. More importantly, we educate them about the Indian Constitution, which poses no restriction on consenting adults to hire a hotel room.

Initially with many obstacles, they had only two-three hotels on board. Liking their idea of change, now more than 300 hotels are agreeing to give out rooms to unmarried couples. Present in 25 cities at the moment, LuvStay is flipping the hospitality industry on its head by offering services never heard before.

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One of their prime service is to allow users to book the hotel even for a part of the day, helping them save money. So, at LuvStay, users can not only find hotels that are welcoming to the couples, but they can actually hire a room just for 10 hours.

The enthusiastic founders at LuvStay are continually looking out for avenues to increase its reach and enhance user experience. With added conveniences for users such as cakes, flowers and other gifts delivered at the place of stay, LuvStay is fast becoming the preferred platform for millions of love-struck couples who simply ask for some privacy and quality time each other.

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