Is Your Business Too Bland? Update Your Brand to Be More Recognizable

know your brand better

Building a brand is no simple feat, and crafting an identity that feels authentic and original in today’s over-saturated digital sphere is a daunting task indeed. Coming out on top requires a stellar marketing strategy, crafty content, and a consistent brand image that people grow to recognize and, more importantly, relate to. The more people feel connected to your brand, the more likely they are to interact, engage and, ultimately, convert.
To help you improve your brand’s visibility, here are four tips to give your image a boost.

Make Your Logo Pop

You may be a professional entity, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to basic black and white for your branding assets. Adding a dash of color, especially one that emulates things your audience is already familiar with, will help you become more recognizable on image alone. To convey mood and tone, focus on your logo’s font or the angling of its element. For example, a creative company would likely incorporate flared brush strokes or ink-style designs with bright pops of color. A sustainable clothing brand could be more rustic or earthy and feminine.

Think about what characteristics define your brand first, then look for colors, fonts, shapes, and images that reflect those qualities and incorporate them into your logo. Just ensure that your brand’s color palette is consistent across all platforms, including your website. To be recognizable, you have to become familiar, and that is only done through cohesive expression.

Prompt Social Media Engagement

Your brand will be more recognizable when people are interacting with it. One place you can encourage this interaction is on social media. Run quick polls and host giveaways to get more people interacting with your brand. Giveaways are a fast and easy way to gain more exposure because one of the rules for entry can be having people share your brand’s page to their own. On a more routine level, you should actively engage with other accounts in a consistent voice that people can grow to associate with your brand’s personality.

Keep Content Human

Avoid robotic web copy, generic blog posts, and run-of-the-mill Instagram captions. Don’t post online only to share a link to your site or promote a product with nothing else included. Do some social listening to get a feel for what your target audience wants and needs right now. Identify key problems that exist among your audience and craft personable content that answers their questions. Aim to provide support and insight rather than unsolicited advertisements or advice. Remember, people are not likely to take things to heart coming from a brand they don’t trust.

Not every company has to be excessively witty or humorous online, but you shouldn’t be afraid to loosen up a bit and have fun. With so many businesses competing in a crowded space, consumers are more likely to remember brands that feel like real people.

Work With an Agency

Consider hiring a brand agency to work with your company. Even if you already have steady business and a good online presence, a brand agency can help push your company to the next level. Brand agencies are experts at cultivating unique, strong identities for brands based on their personal mission, values, and audience’s preferences. Combining these factors can lead to a revolutionized presentation and content approach that makes your business come across much stronger.

Building a recognizable brand requires a deep look at your marketing and design. It can be the perfect incentive to do a deep dive into your existing persona and identify areas you would like to improve. Start by revisiting your brand’s mission statement and values. Does your current brand align with those in every facet of its online presence? If not, start pinpointing specific places you notice the absence and work from there.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional company if you feel lost. Getting the foundation laid by a brand agency can give you the boost you need to start pushing your business in a new direction.