Is Baccarat Legal In India And How To Identify A Legal Site?


Baccarat is one of the most popular online betting games in India. However, the game of gambling is governed by the laws and regulations of the country. These laws are full of complexities because most states have their own set of laws that change from time to time. Let us look into the gambling laws of India in detail to understand the legal status of Baccarat in India.

Baccarat and The Gambling Laws in India

The primary law which regulates gambling in India is the Public Gambling Act of 1867. The act states that playing any gambling games in public gambling houses or going to gaming houses where gambling takes place, or even helping in the operation of such places is a punishable offense. The states are allowed to make their changes according to the prevailing situation. However, “games of skill” happen to be excluded from the act.

There is no precise definition of the “games of skill” and what kind of game should be considered games of skill. Moreover, these laws are very old, and the concept of online gambling did not exist back then. This ambiguity in the act itself has led to the rise of many changes in the legal structure of different states. Some states did come up with laws regarding online gambling. However, these laws have many loopholes.

Many gambling websites currently popular in India are based in other countries. The laws of Indian states do not apply to these foreign websites. Indian players can safely play on these websites and earn cash without facing any legal consequences.

Only the laws of the country where the website belongs can be enforced on it. These loopholes in the law make online gambling legal, at least, at present, until any further changes are made. Therefore, Baccarat is legal in India.


How To Choose A Safe And Legal Online Casino For Baccarat?

Your requirements will decide which online casino you should go to. Some of the factors that you should look into before investing in an online casino to make sure it is a safe and nice experience for you are as follows:

Check The License

Most of the reputed casinos have a license from a recognized organization. Licensing ensures that the online casino website is not a scam. Therefore, you can save yourself from scams by playing Baccarat only at licensed websites. If you come across an unlicensed website and some scam has occurred, there is no way to get back your money. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

These regulatory institutions keep a watch over the gambling establishments and ensure that all the rules of the specific jurisdiction under which the institution and the website falls are being followed. One of the most reputed licensing authorities for online casino websites is the Malta Gaming Authority. Any website which is licensed by this organization is legal and safe for you.

Look For The Reviews

Search for the review of the online casino on Google. There are many reviews available for famous Baccarat casino websites. By reading the reviews, you can get insight into the genuineness and safety of the website and also the overall customer experience. Only refer to trusted websites for the reviews, or you could get scammed here too.

Other Important Features

Once you ensure the safety and legality of the website, it’s time to dive deeper into your research and find out other essential aspects of the website.

Financial aspects

Different financial aspects are offered in the different online casino websites. While choosing an online casino, these financial aspects should be considered properly. You should only choose a casino that delivers the most suitable options for you. First of all, look at the deposit options available, including the debit card and credit card accepted, since these are some of the most preferred deposit options.

Many people prefer to use e-wallets nowadays, like PayPal. Make sure whatever payment method you are using is accepted by the website, whether it is an e-wallet or a more traditional form like a debit card. Most online casinos also have a minimum deposit amount which is something that you need to consider before starting. A minimum deposit amount is a minimum amount that is required to start a game.

There can be limits related to the number of steaks and deposits made in a certain period. What if you want to withdraw a large amount of money? Make sure your online Casino allows that. There is also a minimum withdrawal amount and waiting time for withdrawal. Research everything before investing your valuable and hard-earned money.



Today there are numerous online casinos available which led to aggressive competition between them. To attract customers, all these websites provide lots of benefits and perks like free spins, cashback, and bonuses. Specific games also have specific Bonus types and other perks, so make sure you research well about the perks offered by the Baccarat website.

Many casinos have a special VIP program for high rollers. The VIP program offers lots of lucrative benefits which a regular roller does not get. So, make sure to learn about all the benefits that are provided by the VIP program of the website.

How To Play Baccarat Responsibly?

Baccarat players typically wager for 10 to 15 minutes at a time before taking a break. In contrast to Blackjack, in which winning streaks might last for numerous hands, Baccarat winning streaks are fairly short, mostly with the bank gaining well over half of the hands. As a result, self-monitoring is recommended to ensure that wagers are not overspent. Here are some guidelines to help you play Baccarat with caution and responsibility.

  • Don’t gamble if you’re inebriated.
  • Change your attitude and play for pleasure, not profit.
  • Make a budget and always stick to it.
  • Take frequent pauses.
  • Keep an eye on your feelings.

Following these responsible gambling tips will prevent a person from losing too much money. Baccarat is considered to be a game of chance, but it also offers a lot of entertainment. Always have enough self-control to decide whether or not to call it a night if you aren’t having fun while betting.


Baccarat is a fun and exciting game and is technically legal in India, and can be played without the fear of any legal consequences. Online gambling is fairly new in the country, and only a few online casinos had a license to function in India. However, foreign websites do not require a license from India and are free from Indian jurisdiction.

Moreover, it is nearly impossible to take any legal actions, even on any player on Indian websites, due to the ambiguity of the laws. However, while playing, one should choose a good online casino with a lot of caution after researching that website properly.

A good website has a license from a reputable organization, good bonuses, and a wide range of options for deposits and cash withdrawals. Playing with responsibility is one of the most important aspects of an enjoyable game of Baccarat.