Instantly Improve B2B Job Descriptions with these 8 Must-add Facts 

Improve B2B Job Descriptions

The search for the right candidate for the dedicated profile should start with a perfect job description. As a recruiter, it’s your priority to accurately describe the job so that qualified candidates express their interest in that designation. However, job roles might vary from one another, and so does the job description technique.

However, when it comes to B2B job profiles, there are chances that you might miss including certain important facts in the job description. The B2B section generally portrays the sales department of any company, and it’s designated for business-to-business norms. Therefore, the hired candidate would have to deal with other businesses. And, you must specify the job accurately, or else you might lose the real gem.

Here are a few improvement formulas for your B2B job description that would attract the right talent for your organisation.

Pursue the Right Title

Basically, you would employ a sales representative or sales executive for your business. So, let’s get straight to that title. According to B2B experts of Atdoorstep, candidates would be more comfortable if the job title seems pretty clear to them. Otherwise, implementing job titles accompanied by unnecessary creative words might confuse them.

However, we aren’t telling you to curb creativity entirely. But, most candidates search for a job title that matches their skills, previous designation, or experience. You can make your job description stand out with a few adjectives. But, drifting from the original job title might take you more days to find the right candidate.

Don’t only Concentrate on Search Engines

When you publish a job description, you would want it to rank in a higher position on any search engine. Thus, the candidates can easily locate your job profiles. And, for that, you need to insert specific keywords in the description. Hence, you need to keep things formulaic in the B2B job description. As a consequence, the job description might turn out to be nothing but boring.

On the other hand, if you use the same job description every year, then candidates won’t show their interest in that job profile. It would be better if you imagine yourself as a candidate for that potential job. Thus, you can easily predict what you want to see or the opportunities you seek from that job profile. Use the keywords with required twists for making the job description a bit attractive. The B2B job description should appear passionate and appealing.

Mention the Salary Range

Well, this might sound a bit unprofessional. The recruiter doesn’t feel confident in disclosing the salary range to candidates. We found it to be a mistake for a B2B job description. When you dare to state the job description’s exact salary range, it gives you a competitive advantage over other recruiters.

As per the survey of job-search companies, the salary range is one of the most important factors that candidates keep looking for. They go through the job responsibilities along with the concept of what they would make from the position. So, take a note and include the salary for the job profile.

Describe the Role and Responsibility

Are you repeating the mistake of avoiding the impact of the job role to the company in the job description? Employers mainly perform this mistake where they dictate every inch to inch of the position requirements. But, they forget to introduce the candidates to their roles and how they can make a difference to the company.

Additionally, placing not-fitting titles such as ‘specialist’, ‘coordinator’, etc., might not justify the role. For a better response from the candidates, you should clearly state how the job role will bring a positive impact to the business. Talented candidates are eager to learn how they can pursue their careers in your company.

Make Space for Culture and Additional Benefits

Recruiting an employee in your company doesn’t mean confining them with work only. ‘Only work and no play’ would snatch away the creative mind of the employees. In addition to this, candidates do look for work-life balance while searching for a job. So, introduce them to the great culture of your organisation. Yes, they help a lot in improving the B2B job descriptions.

If you tell only the job role and responsibilities in the description, you are a few steps behind your goal. The cultural environment would add an extra perk for joining your company. Additionally, don’t hesitate to mention if you offer bonuses. Mention whether your company provides flexible working hours, free food, gym facilities, work-from-home opportunities or anything else.

Show the Growth Story

The right candidate always checks out the growth chances and how he or she can excel in the career. They would like to map the futuristic opportunities with the company and the B2B job profile. Hence, determining the growth possibilities for candidates would keep your job description more preferable.

Additionally, state how the job role can contribute to the goodwill of the company. On the other hand, depicting challenges associated with the job role might draw the attention of the right candidates. So, explain the growth factors and development chances. Start by stating what your company is doing for the entire industry and how the employee can be a part of it. It would definitely attract candidates who are goal-oriented.

Declare the Position as Urgent

Yes, do it, even if there is no urgent need for hiring. If you create a job description where you state that you urgently require employees for that specific post, then it can work like a miracle. Comparatively, more candidates would post their resumes on the job portal. And, you can sieve out the right profiles for the job.

You can compel the candidates for appearing in the job hunt by creating urgency. After employing them, you can control the flow of the start dates. Urgency in the job description might drive currently satisfied employees to your company, as well.

Maintain the Transparency Continuous

You’re trying to attract more and more candidates for the profile, and you might be looking for great words. However, adding more and more illustrative words might go a bit misleading if they aren’t true. In the end, you won’t secure desirable candidates by misinterpreting the position and its responsibilities.

Therefore, it would be more practical to keep things as transparent as possible. If you add more buzzwords, the candidates might find them not suitable according to the description. So, keep the words specific and transparent enough. And, the candidate would feel confident about applying for the job profile.

What is Stopping You?

Well, two factors that we have observed for years. Recruiters might make a mistake by inserting gender-biased words and pronouns. Make sure that you overcome these silly mistakes and don’t make the job profile definite for a specific gender. Look out for similar mistakes in the job description, as well.

To minimise such instances, you should proofread the job description before publishing. A bland and unclear job description might upset the right candidate and overall your effort. Make the first impression everlasting with your effective B2B job description. Undoubtedly, it would catch the attention of the best candidates out there, for sure.