IIT Delhi develops affordable N95 masks Kawach for protection against Covid 19

kawach mask

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, there is one essential requirement which is at short supply are masks, that too good quality ones. However, the good news is that an IIT Delhi startup is selling N95 masks at a meagre cost of ₹45, which is just a fraction of the current prices.

The masks named as Kawach are being developed by the startup and are almost exactly like the N95 with respect to engineered filtered layer, proper fitting and will also provide the filtration efficiency of up to 98 percent. The prices have been capped as such that the masses can easily afford it and get enhanced protection.

The startup is being mentored by professors of the department of textile and fibre engineering. The supply for masks should begin asap. Every order is around 100 units or more than that.

IIT Delhi stated that the cost of N95 masks has been quite high, thus, they are making it affordable for the masses. Also, surgical masks which are being used by people do not provide ample amount of protection against the Covid-19 virus. In fact, even sewn clothes and handkerchief will not provide enough protection because of the absence of non woven layer.

As per Bipin Kumar, a professor at the department, Kawach masks have been able to be developed due to the indigenous manufacturing capabilities at IIT Delhi.

IIT has also stated that they are now looking for funding so that they are able to scale up production to meet high-volume demand and also work on an N95 mask product which will be washable and reusable.

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