How to protect your business from potential threats while gaining your employees’ trust

protect your business from potential threats

Security is likely one of your main concerns in protecting your company and the employees from external physical threats. Depending on the size and location of your business, you can implement various measures both inside the facility and on the exterior part of the facility. Consider these effective office security systems to promote safety and earn your employee’s confidence.

Video Monitoring

Wall-mounted video cameras are affordable and easy to use. After installation, they can be switched on as needed or kept in continual use. Many brands record the video footage in case it is needed for future reference. Outside your company, a video camera can monitor a parking lot and all entrances as well as areas immediately adjacent to the property. Some companies post a video warning for trespassers while others let any sneaky individuals be caught on video.

Security Alarms

Fitting the business’s doors and windows with security alarms can ease everyone’s concerns. If someone tries to break in during the hours of operation, the alarm will sound, and appropriate actions can be taken. The alarm can be linked to a security monitoring system during the non-operational hours when the building is empty. If the alarm sounds during that time, the office security systems will try to reach the owner or manager to verify the case, and if no one can be reached, the police will be sent to check out the issue.

Fencing and Guard Gate

Various types of protective fencing can be installed around the perimeter of the property to keep vagrants, criminals, and animals away. An electric fence with appropriate print warnings might be suitable. Some companies use barbed wire fencing. A simpler style would be a tall wooden fence that can be breached but could also be monitored by video if someone tries to crawl over it. Check out the various types of commercial fencing that security companies are using to keep their property and employees safe.

Passcode Entry

Instituting a passcode entry system ensures that only the employees and approved visitors can enter the building at appropriate times. As with a computer passcode, a building passcode only admits the verifiable individuals who are permitted access. Employees generally use the same passcode until it is periodically updated while visitors are given a temporary one to limit unwarranted access.

By keeping your company safe, you are protecting your business assets and your employees’ safety as well as their peace of mind. They are likelier to work productively when they don’t have to worry about workplace security.