How to prepare for electrical problems around the office

electrical problems around the office

Electric service in your office is essential for safe and efficient operations. When you suspect something is wrong, or if the electric service is showing signs of wear and tear, don’t wait for an accident to happen. Take the following steps to keep the office functioning effectively.

Check Wiring and Outlets

Take a few minutes every couple of months to inspect your office wiring. If you notice frayed or damaged wires, they should be repaired immediately. Use other wires if possible, for example, those that connect equipment to outlets if they can be easily replaced. Take a look at the electrical outlets for signs of sparking or scorch marks. If you see anything suspicious, use another outlet until you can get the questionable ones checked. As mentioned at, you must contact a commercial electrical contractor for proper regulation. Also, make sure they abide by OSHA standards.

Use Electric as Indicated

Make sure your wiring is not tangled, and the outlets are not overloaded. Light fixtures and equipment should be using the recommended or dedicated lines for their service. Appliances that are operating too long or being used in ways that are not suitable should be switched to outlets and lines with the appropriate electric current. Turn off lights and equipment that are not being used. This not only saves electricity and can lower your electric bill but can also reduce the risk of problems and prolong the longevity of the power source.

Update Your Electric Service

If your office is located in an older building, or if the company’s use of electricity has increased, schedule an evaluation by a technician who is experienced in working with commercial electrical services. Someone who understands business electric needs versus those of residential customers can assess your office’s use of electricity and recommend any updates that may be needed. For example, a 110 line might need to be upgraded to a 220 line. Frayed wiring can be replaced, and outlets can be repaired or moved if necessary.

Post Electric Safety Guidelines

In areas of the office that use heavy electricity or complex wiring, post guidelines and warnings to employees working there. You may want to issue company-wide reminders about safe electric use as well as problem indicators that should be reported if seen. Electric misuse or damage can cause shock injuries or even death, so keep everyone in the office apprised of any electric concerns or changes that they should be aware of.

Safe electric usage is important for office effectiveness. Make sure your electric service is working correctly, and make any repairs that might be required.