How to make money with a CNC Router?

make money with a CNC Router

Probably, you have obtained your first CNC router, and you are wondering how to make money with it. Congratulations on this achievement. You will realise this machine can help you earn a living by the end of this article.

Yes, you could even become the next big thing in cabinetry, automotive and other related industry. As of now, the main problem is finding out how to make cash with a CNC router. But you don’t have to worry because you will get everything you need in this post. So, read on!

What is a CNC Router?

In simple terms, CNC (computer numerical control) router is a machine that runs on computer-based technology that ensures patterns and cuts are much smoother after production. In general, this machine will lower material waste, improve overall productivity and increase the production of perfect items with minimal time compared to other machines, try routing bits.

Making Money with a CNC Router

There are multiple ways you can use this machine to make money. Below, you will find the top 5 ways. But this list should not stop you from discovering other money-making prospects.

Making Signs

If you have a talent for designing signs, you can use this machine to design signs from plastics, wood, aluminium or even bronze. The included computer software allows you to create 3D signs. Some of the signs you can make with the machine include bar signs, bathroom signs, door hangers, commercial signs, welcome signs, etc. For you to make some good cash, it’s recommendable to concentrate on the marketability and scalability of the micro-niches.

Milling Furniture and Cabinets

With this machine, you can mill several things, like cabinet boxes, countertops, tables, shelves and much more. The computer software guarantees that every cut is seamless and precisely attractive. After coming up with a list of items, you want to design, evaluate their marketability. It’s advisable to produce items that are in high demand. So, it would help if you searched for the high moving items on the web.


As a woodwork fanatic, you can use a CNC router to design toys, game items, architectural products, etc. However, it would be best if you were cautious about your potential clients’ taste and attractiveness. Perform an in-depth analysis of the customers’ needs and create items they are interested in. Also, they need to have the will to buy these products.

Musical Equipment Design

Have you ever wondered how intricately designed musical instruments are made? Well, a CNC router makes it easy to create these complicated designs. The computer software offers you limitless control of the designs you can make. What’s more, the machine can cut the design from various materials. With this machine, you can design guitar, piano and other wooden musical instruments.

Theatrical Sets Production

If you have ever seen a movie or stage set, you have perhaps come across excellently designed structures. Some of these are designed from reshaped and redesigned plastic and wood to meet the specific needs of the set managers.

The Final Take

Now that you know more about the top ways to make money with a CNC router, it’s time to pick what suits your skills and requirements. All in all, you should not let the above limit what you can do with this machine.