How to find space for your start-up in New York City

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NYC might be the city which never sleeps but it can be difficult for a new business to find enough space to operate. Offices can be expensive and start-ups cannot always afford the rent. While many companies work very well in their founder’s apartments, the point is going to come when you want to have a dedicated space for the business. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right place for your start-up in New York City.

Head Out Of Manhattan

Whilst having an office in Manhattan is the goal for many businesses across all sorts of industries, there is no denying the fact that Manhattan is incredibly expensive. Even heading to one of the cheaper neighbourhoods is still going to set you back quite a bit.

Instead, take a look at spaces in one of the other boroughs. Staten Island might not be the best location unless you want to set up something local, but Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx all have plenty to offer new businesses. You may be able to find the perfect premises there without having to pay the ridiculous rents you would be facing in Manhattan.

Consider Self Storage

Many businesses all across the States are run from self-storage units. For example, Moishe’s Self-Storage in Queens, NY, has multiple storage unit sizes ideal for a start-up. Self-storage units are brilliant for anyone who needs to do light manufacturing for their business – such as jewellery-making – and can offer you the space you need at the fraction of the price of a more traditional workshop.

You will find that a surprising amount of businesses use self-storage units, especially in Queens. There are lots of opportunities nearby and great transport links elsewhere. It is the perfect place for you to launch your start-up from.

Try Coworking Spaces

If you just need a little office space for your business then a coworking space might be right for you. These are large and airy open-plan spaces where multiple businesses can gather together to work and enjoy shared amenities. Coworking spaces frequently come with conference rooms and printing facilities at a minimum. You can also find coffee and other services located in the building.

These are great as they can help you to create something which is little more like a traditional office space without trapping you in a lengthy lease. Some locations even offer private offices so you can have a secure base to set your business up in. If you can’t run your business from your apartment, this might be the next step up.

Getting ready to move your start-up to an actual office is an exciting time. However, you need to be realistic about what you can currently afford; especially in an expensive city like New York. Any of the opportunities above might help you to land the perfect space your growing business needs, whether it is storage in Queens or a desk in a coworking office. See what it is for you to use now!

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