How to build loyal customer network for your startup?

How to build loyal customer network

We currently live in an era of growth hacking in addition to rock star startups taking the world by storm. This has led to many of us focusing on new ways to acquire customer or user acquisition even though it could cost more than customer retention.

Some essential means to help build loyal customer network for your startup are:

Build your network

Having close contacts from business colleagues, partners, suppliers, contractors to prospective and existing customers helps in boosting your sales line. The contacts you have are untapped customer base waiting for you to link up with their needs. Meeting up at networking events or cluttering up business cards does not guarantee one of remembrance after a long while. Networking is a long-term investment which, if done right by adding value to the relationship made between you and the customer can go a long way and actually pay off.

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Relationships matter

Relationships are among the best forms to create customer loyalty. For you to remember and recognize customers, non-promotional contact is necessary. A customer feels elated when he/she receives fun mail outs for instance hand written cards, a book, handwritten notes- a way of keeping in touch with the customers. Building a relationship is the first step that if well maintained, helps create loyalty. Giving customers something of value is a kickback thank you for their precious time, attention, as well as business.

Consider employee loyalty and satisfaction

Many organizations need to boost their front-line employees’ faith in the product to transform it into a customer-centric organization. It is imperative to find people who believe in your product.

Loyal customers as the best salespeople

After building your network from the contacts you have, spend a little time to grow the network and do a follow-up. Doing simple yet thoughtful things to keep in touch with your customers goes a long way for your business. The loyal customers remember you if you occasionally send follow-up messages or emails or coupons, etc. the remembrance ignites an interest in what you do and deliver back with referrals, to you. The loyal customers hear about opportunities that you never hear about. Remembering you makes your customers you best sales force.

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Make plans

It is important to remember the value of customer conservation and brand loyalty even as you work hard to grow your customer. Money cannot buy relationships- one of the most important things to promote your business. You can either do all the work and spend significant regarding marketing, or you can create a following that helps you get more recognition for your product or service. This can be achieved by developing relationships with people who are just not understanding to what you offer but who are buzzing and excited to be part of the team.

A plan is necessary to foster robust relationships-come-connections that grow and work for you.

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