How the Whatsapp’s founder Jan Koum went from welfare to billionaires

As an online generation, wired up to every single source of information within touch of a button, we have seen amazing ventures flourish into the spectacular, and regular average individuals blossom into iconic characters. We’re living in an era where quite literally anything is possible, where nothing is out of reach. An era where race, age or wealth has nothing to do with how far you go – absolutely nothing!

Whatsapp’s founder, Jan Koum, truly showed the world how success is all a matter of dedication, hard work and above all, an idea. Fresh off the boat from the Ukraine by the age of 16, Koum found himself working as a janitor and lived off food stamps to make it through the days. But that wasn’t the life he was destined to live. Fast forward a couple of years, and he´d quit his job at Yahoo and sold his revolutionary app to Facebook for an amazing $19 billion.

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How The Whatsapp Founders Went From Welfare To Billionaires

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