How tailor job is different from being a fashion designer

How tailor job is different from being a fashion designer

In the earlier days, the fashion designer was considered as a glorified tailor or one can say a modern term for the tailor. The reason behind this may be the fact that both use the same tools and also their end product is the same, apparel/dress/garment. However, the reality is that there is a huge difference in their job responsibilities and the way they work. So now let’s see how a tailor job is different from being a fashion designer.

Tailor – What It Is?

A tailor is a person who sews clothes and gives it finishing touches. They usually stitch new pieces of clothing from patterns and designs that are given to them or alter ready-made garments in order to make it fit better to the customers. The tailors either work as a freelancer or for the apparel manufacturers.

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Tailor?

The typical job responsibilities of a tailor are as follows:

  • Take measurements of the clients to ensure proper fitting of the clothing.
  • Cut the fabric in accordance with the measurements and patterns.
  • Make marks on the garments wherever the alterations are necessary.
  • Open seams in order to hem garments or make any other necessary alterations.
  • Sew a piece of clothing either by hand using a needle and thread or with sewing machines.
  • Carryout fittings of clothing on customers to determine whether additional alterations are necessary

Some of the tailors are specialists in sewing custom made men’s suits; while there are others who specialize in sewing garments with a particular type of material. Some of the tailors work with fashion designers or customers to create new garments. They help the customers to select the fabric and colors that will suit perfectly for that particular customer and take orders for sewing a garment from them. While working for a fashion designer, a tailor works under a head sewer and thus transforms various fashion ideas into reality. On the other hand, tailors also run their own business, wherein they are responsible for administrative and managerial tasks.

Fashion Designer – What It Is?

Fashion designers study fashion trends, sketch designs, and select materials, and create apparel for men, women, and kids. They take part and contribute to each and every aspect of the production aspects of their designs. They create millions and millions of pieces of clothing that are purchased by consumers on a yearly basis. These pieces of clothing may include sportswear, outerwear, maternity wear, underwear, formalwear, eyewear or footwear. Some of the fashion designers also design accessories like belts, scarves, handbags, and hats.

The fashion designers may work at different levels of the fashion industry, as couturiers or fashion designers for ready-to-wear houses, or even as a fashion stylist who will make small changes in the existing designs. Fashion designers use the latest technologies such as body scanning that enable them to provide better custom fit or seamless knitting technologies that facilitates the production of clothing with simple push of a button.

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Fashion Designer?

The fashion designer takes part in each and every aspect of designing an outfit. The process of designing an outfit consists of designing a concept to the final step of the production of outfits.

  • Researching fashion trends and making predictions of future trends. This lets them know what styles, colors, and fabrics will be in demand for a certain season or in the near future.
  • Visit textile manufacturers and trade shows in order to get samples of fabrics and figure out which fabrics will work well with which designs.
  • Creates basic design using storyboards and sketches or using a dummy to sew pieces of fabric material together.
  • Work on the first draft of the design to develop the first basic prototype, using computer-aided design.
  • The CAD enables designers to look at designs of clothing in various colors and shapes on the virtual models.
  • Creating a rough working pattern or toile by using inexpensive sewing material.
  • Either modify, scrap or approve of the design to be displayed in the fashion show.

The large design houses hire pattern-makers, tailors and sewers who create the master patterns and sew the prototypes. On the other hand, fashion designers working in small design firms, normally do all the designing, technical and sewing tasks by themselves. The fashion designers who work as a freelancer normally works on a contractual basis. They usually have to adjust their schedule in accordance with the schedule of their clients and deadlines. They are required to work longer hours and in smaller environments, that too under constant work pressure to meet the expectations of the clients along with the deadlines. Whatever path may be chosen by the fashion designer they need to be in constant touch with fabric manufacturer’s suppliers as well as customers. In addition to that, most of the fashion designers have to travel several times throughout the year to research fashion and attend fashion shows.

How A Tailor Job Is Different From That Of A Fashion Designer?

  • Most of the fashion designers are professionally trained and apprenticed. Whereas, tailor jobs do not require much of extensive training and experience.
  • A tailor is responsible for sewing, repairing and altering the clothes whereas the fashion designer is responsible for creating a garment, taking into consideration various fabrics, patterns, and textures.
  • A tailor customizes an outfit according to the preference of the client, whereas, the fashion designers create a line of clothing or a collection for people who shop around the year.
  • A tailor sews an outfit taking into consideration the client’s preference, measurements, and latest trends. The fashion designers, on the other hand, set the fashion trends that everyone follows.

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