How smaller businesses can afford better onsite security measures

onsite security measures for startups

Any small business has to deal with several startup costs. With so much money going to different parts of the company, some owners or managers wonder how they might address security concerns. Although it might be tempting to skimp on this aspect of the business, losing assets or data could be a killing blow to a new venture trying to get off the ground.

Entry Apps

You may think that anything technical that relates to security has to be expensive. However, you can safeguard your company’s entry points just by using an app. Instead of issuing employees with physical keys that can be lost, stolen, or copied, try keyless entry. This technology can lock and unlock critical doors through the use of an app that includes authorized personnel. Pretty much everyone will have a smartphone already, and they can use the application right from their phones.

Commercial Fencing

A fence around your corporate property is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your security. There are different kinds of fences that may work for your needs. A commercial fencing contractor can go over all of the options with you, and they will make recommendations that should fit your needs based on their assessments. Fencing provides your business with a physical security barrier and a measure of privacy. You can pair this with a remote gate that allows cars into the facility proper and provides yet another barrier.

Adequate Lighting

Lights are already going to be a key component at your site both indoors and outside. You can improve security measures with lights simply by checking for dark spots in the building and around it. Any large areas covered in darkness and difficult to see through when looking out windows should be addressed as soon as you can. This is a relatively cheap way to give potential intruders fewer places to hide. You can invest in energy-efficient bulbs for even more savings.

Wireless Cameras

You can’t be everywhere at once, but you still need to know what is going on around the building. Installing some wireless security cameras as key points where entry, egress, or loitering might be common is a good idea. Some models are portable, and you can move them around if needed. You may be able to get some discounts on this tech if you buy several cameras at once.

These are just a few of the ways you might be able to bring on-site security up to a reasonable standard. You don’t need to go for the biggest, fanciest methods of protection, but you should reach a level that allows you to feel safe knowing that your business is secure even when you are not on the premises. It is important to consider online data protection as well. Loss of data could be hugely disruptive to a small business.

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