How shoppable images can increase your brand’s festive sales

shoppable images

Shoppable images are enticing in ways that digital has never seen before. Every individual wish to visualize how a product fits into their environment and style. From apparel to shoes, accessories to the latest living room set up they want everything to be visually appealing.

Thus this idea can be easily turned into reality with shoppable images. During the festive season, shoppable images bring great opportunities for the brands. With the use of shoppable images, you can tell your user your product story in a natural way.

Shoppable images are a way different from traditional commerce and thus offer big possibilities to brands during festive sales.

Lets First Know About Shoppable Images

Shoppable images are the social shoppable posts with pictures that offer the consumers a direct opportunity to buy a product with just a few clicks. It is a great strategy to help enhance engagement and bridge the gap between browsing and buying with clear product recommendations or purchase points.

Shoppable images are a good way of improving conversion rates with just a few steps. The images help the brand in easily measuring conversions which makes a good opportunity during festive sales.

Why Shoppable Images Matter During Brand Festive Sales?

Shoppable images can prove to be a great asset during a brand’s festive sales. More and more shoppers are online during the festive seasons and look for the best deals that they can get.

Grant Solid User Engagement

Building good user engagement is an essential part of the marketing strategy that is utilized by any brand. Thus this is where shoppable images can become a perfect solution for your brand.

Nowadays almost half of the world’s population makes use of social media and the current audience is image-obsessed. Thus more and more people tend to buy products online. These users spending a long time exploring branded products helps to turn user engagement into sales.

Shoppers Can Experience an Opportune Shopping Experience

During the festive season, shoppable images offer customers a great opportunity to shop comfortably and suitably. This helps them to explore the products and make purchases as they socialize.

Shoppable images make it convenient for customers to make purchases directly from social media platforms. It leaves the customers least distracted and thus they are more attracted to the product.

Brands Can Come Out With More Information

Several of the digital marketing decisions rely on the customer’s information. The marketing resolution will get better with more and more data. Thus shoppable images let the brands understand which products are most liked by the customers using click-through rates.

This, as a result, will guide brands to post more of the similar products to get better sales. Also letting the geographical locations of the customers will help them to maximize their purchasing power.

Therefore all this information is of great relevance to the bands that help them to improve their market performance.

Let Your Platform Gives a Feel of an Online Shopping Mall

It does not require the brands to have an offline store, they can even create their online store by adding tags to the products. Social media are the new age grounds to drift over for a product. Brands make use of user-generated content to turn their shoppable images to showcase their products.

In the festive season, brands make good use of social commerce platforms that turn their social content into shoppable images to drive more sales. Thus it is a cost-effective way to increase sales that are leveraged by the brands.

Ways to Create Shoppable Images

In this section we have provided a brief explanation of two ways of creating shoppable images. Have a look:

Shoppable Image Gallery on the Website

It can be created with the help of a social commerce platform. The tool helps in collecting user-generated content into a feed from various social media platforms. All the feeds featuring your product are accumulated by the tool. Now make use of shoppable posts features and tag the collected images.

Instagram Shoppable Images

It is a popular feature among brands and businesses. Instagram is a popular social media platform that offers businesses with Instagram shoppable images feature where the brands can tag the product to the images they post. brands can also add multiple products to a post where the users get an opportunity to explore the product.

Summing Up

The user and shoppable image engagement are vital, only if it leads to sales. Thus it is a great idea to incorporate shoppable image ideas in your marketing strategy during the festive season to boost sales. It will help you bring a lot of potential clients.

The shoppable image represents the fertile ground for innovation and disruption in the commerce space. Thus you need to skillfully utilize and integrate shoppable images into your campaign that can improve the online shopping experience of the customers.

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