How Kaagaz Scanner pulled off millions of downloads from zero within 15 days

Kaagaz Scanner app

Ever since the ban of the Chinese apps, Kaagaz Scanner has been reaching great heights. It has also got a special recognition by the Indian Government at the Atma Nirbhar App Challenge and to add to it, it has also raised undisclosed angel funding from the investment firm, First Cheque.

On June 30th, Indian Government banned a few Chinese apps which included the Cam Scanner, the founders of Gurugram based Ordenado Labs hinted an advantage in the situation “they were craving for”. They said that it was not because of the ban of the apps but because of the downloads which they were able to pull off.

Within the first fifteen days of Kaagaz Scanner launch, the company was able to get more than a million users. Kaagaz Scanner was also successfully able to replace the Chinese app, Cam Scanner.

Their main motive behind building Kaagaz Scanner app was to promote the campaigns initiated by the Indian Government by making and using more of Indian Apps rather than the foreign apps.

The Co-Founder of Ordenado Labs, Gaurav Srisrimal said, “We spent nearly 10 sleepless nights in checking thousands of emails which we received as a form of feedback.”

He also added that “though there are many more substitutive apps for Cam Scanner, we at Kaagaz Scanner aim at making our app user-friendly.”

The founders saw the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Campaign as their waking call for creating Kaagaz Scanner as it would be of further usage for the Indian public. After the ban of Cam Scanner, Indian market did not have any such equivalent app. Inspired by their reason for the start of the company, they named the app after an Indian name.

Kaagaz Scanner plans on expanding their market and they are planning to build a freemium monetisation model. This model would include a certain amount of fee which has to be paid as premium and this premium will have many perks of its own like unlimited storage, extra security, AI engine, and many more features.

Gaurav also added that none of the users will pay for vanilla storage, but they will only pay for the intelligence. Moreover, he explains that during the launch of the app it was not easy to add up the spice elements to the product or any kind of an additional advantage which the customers always look for.

Gaurav also added that they have been updating the app now and then. They are always looking forward in making Kaagaz Scanner app a world-class one by reaching and expanding its sources and markets or at least trying to make it a better app than Microsoft Lens or Abode Scanner.

Download the Kaagaz Scanner app from this link.

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