How bakeries can better attract foot traffic in their areas

How bakeries can better attract foot traffic in their areas

When you’re managing a bakery, there’s only one thing better than enjoying tons of fresh, baked treats: profiting from those baked treats. When people love your baked goods and consume them, you can develop a thriving and successful bakery. However, with so much happening online, it might seem challenging to get people into the doors of your bakery. Consider the following ways you can attract foot traffic to the area.

Display goods close to the windows

When people walk by the window, make sure you create a stunning display that catches the eye. You should make sure there’s a display of lovely baked treats in addition to great lighting. Think about different stores that do eye-catching window displays for inspiration. Hire an artist to design art installations once or twice a season. That can actually become a part of what makes your bakery brand unique.

Bake fresh to allow aromas to release into the area

As long as it doesn’t negatively impact your electric bill, consider leaving the front door open. When the door is open and your staff is baking up a storm, the smells will naturally become their own marketing strategy. When people are able to smell the goodness of brownies, cakes and bagels, they’ll want to come by and see what’s inside.

Provide lots of comfortable seating for walk-in customers

Think about some of the loveliest coffee shops. They tend to have comfortable seating. As a result, more people like to come in, bring their friends and enjoy great treats with awesome ambiance. Make comfort a priority.

Offer free samples

If you’d like to do it the night before, prepare baked goods like cinnamon rolls and cookies. Then, place the dough in the Three Door Commercial Display Cooler. In the morning, you can pull out the dough, place it on baking sheets, and bake the treats. Then, catch the morning crowd on their way to work with a few free samples. You’ll be at the top of the mind at the top of the day. You can also do the same thing at lunch or dinner time.

As you implement these tips, maintain a high level of consistency. It’s also good to expand on these tips by developing an online presence. Develop a hashtag, and encourage visitors to document their visits to give your bakery more visibility. Before long, you could be in a position where there is a long line down the block for your baked goods.

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