How a Legal Oversight Can Cost Companies Thousands

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Companies of every size should have access to legal counsel whenever a question arises and to launch every aspect of the business. Some organizations keep an attorney on retainer by paying a monthly fee. Larger companies hire their own attorney. But even startups or small businesses should connect with a reliable legal team to protect their legal interests and concerns.

Employment Policies

From posting a position to hiring and firing employees, companies need to understand the legal ramifications of federal and state employment laws and rules. Learning these procedures and following them to the letter can be challenging to busy company owners and managers. An experienced legal consultant can explain the government guidelines and prepare the necessary paperwork, including contracts and tax forms. This can save the business owner time and money for the actual business operations.

Also, understand that the company or employer must provide a justified reason while terminating or firing an employee. Scenarios such as mistreatment of employees, denied fair wages, discrimination, or victimization by an employer are likely to get the company into legal trouble. There are numerous state and federal laws that provide protections to employees from such scenarios. Employees can also hire an attorney who has knowledge about the employment law to seek justice; click here to learn more.

Products and Services

Whatever the company offers to the public, such as selling products or providing services, needs legal protections. Faulty or flawed products as well as misunderstandings between sales staff and customers can lead to risky legal proceedings without adequate disclaimers, warranties, and notifications as needed. Legal counsel can help to protect a company by recommending the types of insurance coverage they may be needed as well as defending the business against unjust claims or mitigating customer concerns in a legal way. Otherwise, customers could sue an unprotected business for thousands of dollars that it might not need to pay.

Safety and Health

Environmental safety measures along with employee and customer health protections are vital to a company’s reputation and success. It can be time-consuming to learn what your company needs to do to ensure the full protection of everyone involved. A legal firm that specializes in these areas can make the process easier and more effective to protect the business from a financial disaster stemming from a lawsuit if an accident should occur.

Expert Legal Counsel

For reasons like those above, a company needs the legal protection of dedicated firms like Boynton Waldron Doleac Woodman & Scott P.A. Often, legal teams will handle a customer complaint or public image problem by avoiding it or mitigating it in a professional manner. Having legal expertise readily available will give you peace of mind and help to protect the company’s interests.

If your business does not have legal representation, don’t wait for a problem to develop that requires it. Consult a reputable legal firm that can make sure your business is operating as it should.