Guide to Fix Blue Screen Errors and Common Issues in Surface Pro 7

Fix Blue Screen Errors

Your Surface Pro 7 is not a substitute for a regular laptop, but it does provide you with one of the best performances that hybrid laptops can offer. Microsoft has brought significant improvements in the latest Surface Pro models. Yet, you might still face certain common issues that were always present in it.

Users have reported various issues with their Surface Pro 7. These include blue screen errors, among many others. Regardless, you might want to fix them on your own rather than get a repair. In that case, the solutions we’ve mentioned below for various issues should help you with that.

You might come across certain malfunctions which are more common than others in your Surface Pro 7. Moreover, they have a wide range of causes. So, it might take quite some time to figure out the issue and fix it. Now, that might be inconvenient to many users who run on a busy schedule.

In such cases, reaching out to the nearest Microsoft Surface Pro repair Dubai might be more sensible. But, before that, go through some of the common Surface Pro malfunctions and their solutions:

Running slow

Do you frequently experience lags on your device? Then, make sure that you’re not running too many programs on it at the same time. After all, it’s among the most common causes behind this issue. Shutting down some programs will clear up the RAM and fix this performance issue on your Surface Pro.

Shortage of storage space is yet another common cause behind this malfunction. So, delete all the temporary files and unused apps from your device. This should do the trick in many cases. If none of these steps works, your system might be outdated. Start looking for updates in the Update and Recovery settings.

Can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network

Does your device fail to connect to your router? In that case, try forgetting the network you’re trying to connect with. And, for that, you must right-click on the Wi-Fi settings and click on ‘Forget this network’. Then, wait for a while before trying to connect your device to it again.

Do you still fail to connect your Surface Pro to the network? In that case, make sure that you’re using the right password, in case it’s protected. If the problem persists, that might indicate a corrupt network driver. So, go to the Device Manager and reinstall it to fix the issue. If nothing else works, run the network Troubleshooter from the Settings.

Crashing apps

You probably use quite a large number of apps on your device for various purposes. Most of them might run without any issues. But, others might cause your Surface Pro to crash whenever you run them. In such cases, you need to get rid of them right away. Also, you’d generally face this problem with third-party apps only.

You can simply repair the apps you downloaded from Microsoft Store through their Advanced options. Apart from that, you must also make sure whether they need an update or not.

The battery dies too soon

Do you have any peripheral devices connected to your Surface Pro 7? In some cases, they might cause your device to drain its battery too quickly. So, try disconnecting them and see whether that does the trick. Apart from that, the screen brightness might also be a factor in causing this issue. Thus, you should reduce it to a suitable level.

Have you enabled auto-brightness on your device? Then, you must disable it and change the brightness manually. Apart from that, you must try not to run demanding tasks like games for too long. Also, make sure that your Surface Pro isn’t running too many background programs. Go to the Task Manager and disable as many as you can.

Unable to charge the battery

This issue is usually caused due to a faulty charger. After all, like various components of your device, the charger’s performance deteriorates with time as well. So, you must try out a different charger and see if it works. In case it doesn’t, connect it to another power source. If the problem remains, you probably need to buy a new charger.

Sometimes, the aforementioned steps might fail to provide a solution. In that case, you must open the Device Manager and find the battery driver. Then, right-click it and opt for deleting it. After that, you must restart your device to download and install the latest driver version automatically. This method does the trick in many cases.

No audio

This is yet another issue that many Surface Pro users might come across quite often. Also, it’s not as complicated as it might seem to you. In case you’re playing the sound through a device, you should disconnect it. Then, play the sound through your Surface Pro’s speakers and see if it works. If you hear the audio, the fault was with the output device.

Can’t hear the sound from your device’s speakers? Then, go to the audio driver in your Device Manager and right-click it. Opt to uninstall it, and then restart your device to reinstall it. This usually solves the issue for many users.

If you still can’t hear any audio, simply run the Audio Troubleshooter from the Settings.

Unresponsive touchscreen

Provided that your screen isn’t damaged, calibrating it might fix this problem. You can find the program to do that using the Start menu search bar. Apart from that, there might also be an issue with your touchscreen driver. So, go to the Device Manager and update it.

Using the latest driver already? Then, reinstall it and check whether that resolves the issue. In case it doesn’t, you must reach out to an expert for an effective and long-lasting solution.

Blue screen errors

Overheating is among the most common issues that lead to the blue screen of death. This is one of the errors that might terrify most users. Also, it’s common across pretty much all Windows devices. If you see a blue screen on your device, make sure your device isn’t overheated. Clean it regularly and always keep it in a cool place.

Avoid running too many demanding tasks on your Surface Pro or overclocking it. Apart from that, you must also make sure that your device doesn’t have a faulty memory. Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool for that purpose. Based on the results, you might have to replace its hard drive.

Other than that, updating the video driver can fix the blue screen error as well. Also, make sure to get rid of corrupt files or programs on your device. In some cases, connecting incompatible hardware can also cause the BSOD.

So, there’s quite a wide range of solutions to fix this problem. You must identify the cause in your case to find the appropriate solution for it.

Wrapping up……..

Are you facing any of the aforementioned problems with your Surface Pro 7? Then, the methods we mentioned should help you fix them effectively. But, as it happens, you might often need professional help to solve these problems. So, reach out to an expert if you can’t fix an issue all by yourself.

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