Enhance Your Sales: 9 ways to implement email marketing into your real estate business

email marketing for real estate business

One of the biggest conundrums businesses face is how to turn people who are browsing into paying customers. The internet is a hub for browsing homes for sale and real estate companies risk getting lost among competitors when they do not incorporate multiple forms of internet marketing. Many businesses use email marketing to aid in creating a more personal experience for the customer.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the utilization of email to further promote your business to potential customers. This can be achieved through different means. For example, some consumers receive regular emails from businesses once they have signed up for news on their company or product. Email marketing can be useful to the Real Estate Business because of those who constantly browse homes on the web, but are not yet ready to purchase.

1. Email Campaigns

A form of online marketing to consider incorporating are email campaigns. Scheduled emails can show a real estate business’ dedication to exemplary customer service. They can also set up a relationship with potential homeowners through the interesting topics sent, while still showcasing listings. Consider this a way to increase your consumer interaction successfully by discreetly combining personal blogs on related subjects with house specials.

2. Drip Email Marketing

Outside of email campaigns, there are also the (mostly automated) drip email marketing. This is predetermined email businesses set up which send whenever there is a purchase, etc. It can be difficult to know what kind of writing style to use, but copious information exists on tips on writing automated emails for your company. It is not difficult to find this helpful information to build off of when creating these kinds of emails.

The hardest part is taking that initial step and setting up a welcome email for your followers. People spend large amounts of time browsing homes on the Internet. Thus, to make a specific listing or real estate agency standout, there are options to have the customer sign up for email alerts. This registration should be followed by a welcoming email where you can tell a little about your real estate company, feature contact information, or tell of an upcoming open house. You can also use a tool called Email Verifier that allows you to verify the validity of any professional email address in seconds which ultimately increases deliverability and reduces the email bounce rate.

3. Newsletters

Using email marketing to enhance your promotions includes dedicating time into making a monthly newsletter that can be electronically emailed to those who have priory showed interest in your real estate company. This way consumers will stay informed on new properties while also receiving a reminder of your friendly company.

Having a customer sign up for email alerts or to receive your newsletter opens the door to more interaction between the consumer and the business. When searching online homebuyers will come across thousands of listings. For a customer to see your company as a stand-out company, make sure your newsletter follows the guidelines to a successful email interaction.

4. Provide Information

The aim, at the beginning of your email marketing campaign, to educate your audience in an honest way that is not derogatory. Show the customer that you understand the real estate business and do not doubt their intelligence at the same time.

When looking for real estate professionals to help in their search of a home, customers frequently prefer those who do not oversell to them. The constant pitches can sound dry over-time. Remember to be personable. With more personality and down-to-earth nature, customers are more comfortable choosing a service from a business. A customer must be comfortable to have the trust in a real estate company when purchasing their home. Learn more on how email marketing opening creating these personal relationships can increase sales.

5. Entertain With Intriguing Text

Next is something entertaining with the email campaign that will grab the consumers attention. Entertaining while educating is the best way to also keep someone’s attention. Use creative fonts in your email marketing and always have a cohesive theme to show you put a lot of effort into the design of your campaign.

Even with this creative side, always come back to promoting your agency’s properties. Showcase all of the best features of your listings and don’t always squeeze in every selling point. Also, appreciate the agents that represent your company by showcasing them throughout this process. A great addition to a newsletter is highlighting a member of your team in each addition.

6. Email Customization

Use your imagination when incorporating emails into your marketing scheme for your real estate business. Do not send the same emails as everyone else. It may be tempting to use pre-made fill-in forms, but avoid all of the easy templates you can find online. Try to come up with your own witty remarks and housing showcasing. The same Ad constantly repeated from different agencies will become instinct for consumers to ignore.

7. Include Related Categories in Digest

Use the housing market to your advantage, but do not let it constrain you. There are many categories to include in newsletters or campaigns that are not directly about purchasing a home.

Use email marketing to do a full campaign on select styles of rehabbed furniture. Or highlight housing renovations. There are many options to consider that you can arrange into a digest. A digest is very similar to a newsletter, but it can include quirky finds or more realistic immediate purchases like furniture.

8. Get Professional Help

Just like you know the ins and outs of real estate, there are those who know the ins and outs of email marketing. A professional can help you come up with an exact strategy. Also, there are many companies on the internet that specify in incorporating email marketing through different forms of copy pages. If a more personal touch is desired, there are freelance copywriters that can collaborate on your marketing endeavor.

9. Regular Reminders

People are not always on the lookout for a new home and that is why regular messages, such as emails, are a useful tool to keep your name in mind when consumers are ready to make the purchase. It is easy to go overboard, but if consumers are bombarded with too many emails they may send your company’s emails to their junk folders, block your email address, or even unsubscribe.

Consider only using filler information sparsely. A viable, but simple way to get customers involved are like polls. These are used regularly on Facebook and there is almost an art to creating interesting polls that actually achieve high participation.

The Bottom Line

The Internet should be used to its fullest extent by real estate companies by utilizing more than one form of internet marketing. Not using email marketing for your real estate agency may leave you a step behind the crowd. Use these tips to utilize your marketing ability by researching marketing approaches and executing them accordingly.

Something to remember is that with personable advertising comes more people interested in your agency, who then may contact you the day they’re ready to purchase a home. The best way to enhance this is by adding regular automated reminders and email campaigns to your marketing scheme.

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